“It’s not like we really need any more blue these days… “

not a cloud, not a wind and it’s been 35° in the shade for the last two weeks but what the heck, this one’s beautiful.

Jeff Kennedy 13-7-13bluegill portrait by Jeff Kennedy

if you’re in the mood for more fishy art click the pic.

monday’s biggun’

chowing down on what appears to be juicy party-popper, today’s yummy acrylic Wisco Brown treat comes to us from Jeff Kennedy.

wisco brown

click the pic to access Jeff’s page for tons more fishy goodnesses. enjoy !

Britt’s Beauty

Britt Freda

a stunning fish painting by Britt Freda i originally found on Tumblr via Moldy Chum via Patagonia Fly Fishing and now via The Limp Cobra !
in the end, it doesn’t matter where it comes from: as the fish portrayed so beautifully, they travel, they’re always on the prowl, they’re where they belong, they’re free.

be sure to check out more of Britt’s work by following the link. enjoy !