Beth and BillyBob are hungry !

or, could that be Dick and Phillip or, Jane and Dory ? to tell you the truth i couldn’t care less about their names or genders, they’re both beautiful and doing what we love to see them do: peacefully slurping down bugs and getting fat.

filmed road-side on the Goulburn river Victorian Alps-Australia, these two video treats are wonderfully unpolluted by fisherman, their gear or raunchy music. maybe they’re there to remind us that its not all about us but whatever they are… i hope you’ll enjoy.

tip- resize the image and watch them both at the same time, its really cool.

some pretties

sure, i’m always happy to see kids and friends displaying with joy the fish they just caught but i’m so over the typical grip and grin shot its not even funny. its actually turned into a turn-off/repulsion of sorts thats hard to explain in a blog post but one thing’s for sure, the turn-off is at its strongest when there’s a clear disrespect for the fish and the image or film is all centred around the angler and not the magnificent, temporary partner.

as an obsessed fly fisher, i get more and more flack from by my flybrethren by saying things like this but the truth is, i like seeing fish unattached and free. its not like i don’t want to catch them, in fact, i’ve been fishing like crazy lately but the image that i want to remain doesn’t include tackle marketing, hands or a face.

something like these pretties…

2% by museline

Tarpon Cave by Frans De Backer

Love in a Mountain Stream by Mathew Hall

Fish Portraits – the Anglerfish “a rainbow of… Ugly”

as part of  the “Let’s get to know our slimy friends a little better” series here’s quite an interesting character, the Anglerfish.
master of deceit, this despicable creature has more than one trick up it’s sleeves, meaning that it most probably has a bigger brain than most other fishes. cool.

lesson learned ? never trust someone uglier than yourself…

real fishporn

they’re big reproducing Norwegian trout but no worries here, you can show this to your kids or Mormon workmates. the worst that could happen is they’d fall asleep…
as for me, it’s one of those sweet rejoicing moments where i thank goodness that  i’m not a fish !

via Arnt Mollan