Sunday’s Trout

today’s trout is an imported rainbow i caught in the Pyrenees range of southern France, an area well known for it’s beautiful endemic Fario brown trout. in France as in just about anywhere in the World these fish are stocked,  placed in rivers and lakes on opening day to satisfy those who need the instant gratification of catching finless fish with spinners and love the taste of fish-farm pellets. they rarely make it past the first day. the typical size of these disposable fish is just over 20cm (7-3/4 inches) to comply with the 20cm minimum keeper size.

the one above measured between 50 and 55cm, had a big appetite for caddis’, was very strong and healthy and knew how to put up a good fight. a surviver…

the friend who took the pic, a local, said “It’s not supposed to be here”. i’m glad it was.