Blobbin’ Techniques

via Richysflies

ok, i know full well that most anglers would rather stick the tip of their fly rod in their dominant eye before using these types of flies and i’ll happily admit i’m somewhat in that camp myself. however, the main material, fritz or rather, blob chenilles used to tie these ‘Blobs’ * is quite an interesting material which also comes in a wide variety of let’s say, more normal colors… that the creative tier can incorporate in streamers or large wet flies and who knows what else you might want to think of. as a few examples it can add a nice splash of color or be used to bulk up a head or body of a streamer to create a turbulence for the swimming materials behind and it can also be trimmed to the desired shape once mounted. great stuff indeed !
of particular interest in this video is the material’s tying techniques. when tying in any kind of chenille it’s common knowledge to strip fibers off to tie in the core to reduce body bulk but what we’ll see below is the same thing but also at the front. it makes for a nice and smooth transition whether we’re combining different colors or simply to finish off the fly. brilliant !
take note as well that untwisting the chenille helps to not cross-over the fibers later on while winding. what’s not mentioned is that many of these chenilles have a ‘grain’ or ‘fiber direction’ similar to a feather or fur on the skin. to get a smooth and sexy winding be sure to go with the grain and not against. enjoy !

( * in case you’re wondering, ‘Blobs’ are pure attractor flies stemming from the UK stillwater competition circuit used on freshly stocked rainbow trout who haven’t adapted to natural food. born and raised in tanks or cages, these fish will often be quite big, ten + pounders aren’t uncommon (usually referred to as “Pigs”… ) but even given the size, the fight isn’t very impressive as their fins are dwarfed and i guess it must be hard to push water with a bloated belly… )


brought to you directly from France where fish have flair and fly design is an exuberant affair, here ladies and gentlemen is the appropriately named ‘WTF’ fly. (Wacky Tactics Fly)
designed primarily for stillwater stocked rainbow trout where the idea is to offend their sense of aesthetics so much that they’ll want to get it out of their way and put it on the other side of the lake ! not having hands or feet or FedEx, to do so they have to displace things with their mouths and BAM ! they get hooked and i get to pretend i caught a wily trout for a minute. suckers…

you’ll notice two usually contradictory elements on this fly: a sinking bead and a good amount of floating foam. at rest, the ‘WTF’ points nose down and with the slightest retrieve the whole thing flips and dips and the golden tail waves at the fish like a dolphin’s tail, further confusing it. the fine marabou feather tips ‘veil’ the form in a mysterious milky-like cloud reminiscent of fish egg slime.

it’s made with:
Gamakatsu #6 Circle hook
Veevus thread white
tungsten bead
three kinds of flashy stuff (two of them are invisible to the human eye)
and it’s all reinforced with Uv resin !