how cool is this ?

fly casting finess cover

needles to say, it is an enormous honour to have TLC‘s fly casting reference page mentioned in this recent book by John L. Field !

funny thing, and i sincerely hope you’ll pardon my ignorance, John…  is until now i’ve never heard of this gentleman but that’s all about to change as i just downloaded the book through Amazon/Kindle and it’s coming with me on a short trip in the higher Pyrenees tomorrow where i’ll be not only reading in the shade, hiding from the heat wave we’re currently going through if the fishing is slow but also trying out an absolutely fantastic small-stream jewel of a 6′ 3wt Superfast bamboo rod hand made by Monsieur Hulot umm, Luke Banister lent for review along with a too-nice-for-me hand-made wooden scoop net by Mark Leggett of Alternative Tackle just last week in Cumbria, England.

there’s a real home-mattress in the back of the fish-van and chocolate and coffee is packed: this should be fun.

fly casting finesse reference

click either image to access Skyhorse Publishing’s page for more info on John’s book.
and a big thanks for the heads-up on all this to buddy Will Shaw !

D-Looping with Jason Borger

MF in JB's casting book 12-8-13
the pic should say it all but there needs to be a big woW ! to make it complete.
having The Limp Cobra and myself mentioned in Jason’s upcoming book ‘SINGLE-HANDED FLY CASTING – A Modular Approach’ is about the coolest thing that can happen to a casting instructor. to say it’s an honor doesn’t really my feelings justice but i’m sure you get the point.

in the making now for what seems like an eternity the last several years, a completely reworked edition of NATURE OF FLY CASTING  – A Modular Approach seems to be close to completion.

” I am continuing to flail away on SHFC, grabbing writing time as I can. Everything that I plan on including in the book is in the book, but not fully fleshed out. Some chapters are about 97-percent, others are more like 67-percent. It’s the 67-pecenters that I am focusing on right now, including the D-Loop chapter (Rolls and Speys).

I am still optimistic for an end-of-2013 finish, with the print run soon after that (figure that I’ll let the book sit for two extra weeks so I can check it over again, then six weeks for the press).”

bring on 2014 !

“Nature of Fly Casting” is Dead !

and i couldn’t be happier !
after what feels like four thousand years in the making, Jason’s putting the final touches on his new fly casting book, a completely reworked, focusing specifically on single-handed casting continuation of his infamous ‘Nature of Fly Casting – A Modular Approach, which in my opinion, was the absolute best book on fly casting ever. period.
the prospect of an up-to-date reworked edition of this seminal book is for us casting geeks about as exciting as it gets (well, almost ! :mrgreen: )

” As many of you know, I’ve been working on a revised version of my Nature of Fly Casting book. As it turns out, I have actually been writing two fly casting books, I just didn’t realize it fully until last week. Originally, Nature of Fly Casting was a book that I wanted to really cover the bases—after all, the title simply said “fly casting” and in my mind, that’s a very big term that includes single- and double-handed skills. Only one problem: Nature didn’t end up covering as much as I had originally envisioned. “

my first series in hardback copy is on order. rest assured i’ll let you know when they’ll be available.

this image may or may not be the final book cover, the suspense continues !

the first edition all had a hand-signed note from Jason when ordered directly through his site Fish, Flies & Water

needless to say, my copy will always be a prized possession….

Joan, again and again and again !

what a treat for the fly casting world ! Joan Wolff’s at it again, this time with new and up to date casting techniques.
the first edition ‘Fly Casting Techniques’ was and still is a great inspiration of mine and was part of my study materials for my instructor exams. sure, there’s a few quirky things like ‘power-snap’, ‘constant pressure’ and other terms or explanations  i don’t really agree with but there’s no problem there because it’s just not possible for me to completely agree with anyone…
there’s so much more to gain through her words and descriptions that it would be a shame to get too picky.
i’ll be getting one soon and will follow up with a review.

” In its first edition, Joan Wulff’s Fly-Casting Techniques became an instant classic, revolutionizing the art form of fly casting and changing how an entire generation approached the sport. Now, with Joan Wulff’s New Fly Casting Techniques, Joan brings her pioneering set of casting “mechanics” to a new audience, offering precise descriptive terms for every part of the cast. Sections are included on improving accuracy and distance, loop control, shooting lines, aerial mending, the double haul, correcting common mistakes, and more. With improvements and refinements on her original techniques, and with a set of extraordinary drawings by David Shepherd.”

sound good ? get it here.