brainwashem’ young- Maddy

from casting to mending to striking and line retrieval/fighting to landing and releasing, to her focussed attitude and cool and calm demeanor, (be sure to turn up the volume at 1:10 of the first clip to hear her simply say “I’ll catch a bigger one” after her fish came off), little Maddy’s already acquired an enormous amount of angling skills which could serve as an example for anglers of all age groups and levels.

i seem to write this every time i post an article in this series but i really mean it: this little girl’s really special and i’d also like to extend a BIG congrats to Daddy, you’ve done an awesome job !
all us older people love seeing kids fly fish but as always, the brainwashem’ young series is maybe mostly there to be shared with the little ones in your life for them to find inspiration from their peers.

because more is better, here’s another outing from earlier on in the year. enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Maxine’s amazing Gold Medal

i’m both speechless, sporting a huge grin, absolutely amazed and just all-around happy-extatic  for what this means for children, girls, women, any fly angler/caster and the future of fly fishing in general. here’s why:


” At the U.S. National Casting Championships in Long Beach, Maxine McCormick finished fourth in fly casting accuracy behind only the world’s best, made the All-America team and bested the all-time women’s mark. That’s right, at age 11, she had the highest women’s score in history. She also broke seven junior national records in different events.

To put it in perspective, casters are scored in accuracy on a scale of zero to 300 in three events. Maxine scored a combined 289 in three events for fly accuracy. That tied for the fourth highest among all casters, no matter age, gender or past achievements.

Maxine’s 289 beat the all-time record for women, 286, set in the 1990s by Canada’s top champion, Brenda McSporran.

So what happened is that 11-year-old old Maxine just scored higher than any female in the history of the American Casting Association and was only outscored by Steve Rajeff, myself and father Glenn by just one point,” said Chris Korich of the Golden Gate Casting Club. “

for more on this amazing feat click the image above for the full article. enjoy !
for more amazing fly fishing kids here’s the complete brainwashem’ young series to share with your little ones.

brainwashem’ young- Emma one year later

one of the nicest encounters i made whilst living in Sweden was meeting Emma Lindgren. first time was three years ago at a fly fair where at 13 she was tying trout flies up there with the big guys. at later shows she was mostly tying big pike flies for big pike at the Vision stand, always a smile and bright as a star, she’s one of those special people that always brings a smile to my face and seeing these new pics from a recent trip to Alberta did just that.
i’m looking forward to next year’s update. i wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it’s about a bonefish, permit, tarpon Grand Slam…

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brainwashem’ young- Noémi

ok, i’ll go all mushy and stuff here, no probs. seeing such talent from a nine year old goes straight to my heart and brings out the big-‘ole smile that just doesn’t happen when watching adults, not even the masters of the craft.
congratulations on your fantastic work Noémi, i hope you’ll continue and inspire other kids to follow your path !/félicitations pour ton si beau travail Noémi, j’espére que tu continueras et inspireras d’autres enfants à suivre ton chemin !

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btw, this is just one example of what papa C. Bailly does…
P2120005to see more of his great flies and photography be sure to click the image above. enjoy !

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