“As far as I can ascertain the reasons for missing a rising fish come from faulty reactions. When we miss a fish we are either too fast or too slow.”

~  Ray Bergman
and then sometimes we take a deep breath, relax our butt muscles, resynchronise ourselves in time a space and get the opportunity to briefly admire these creature’s beauty until its time to do it all over again.

pyrenean brown m.fauvet-TLC 8-8-15

Pierre Miramont – Papy fait mouche.

i know full well that most of you don’t understand french and for once that’s a real shame as this wonderful little film on Pierre Miramont is about as good as it gets.
although he died a while back, Pierre is still a leading figure and a great inspiration on everything fly fishing in France. author, half artist/half poet/half chocolate and pastry maker/half fly tier/half entomologist/half fisher, he knew how to combine all of that while sharing the good word and and enticing folks of all ages to enjoy our activity.
merci Pierre, i would have liked to meet you.


with Michel Flenet, world renowned fly tier pmiramont0

at almost an hour long, here’s a little time machine sequence full of magic. enjoy !

french double-dutch

found on this week’s MiddCurrent these sweet, atmospheric, shorts from 9p#5 Média are too nice not to share again.
i wish there where more fly fishing videos of this kind. enjoy !

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”



although that might sound philosophically correct, it’s not entirely true and goes to show this guy wasn’t a fly fisher.
apart from one or two, most ff’ers don’t just sit there staring at walls trying to think of the next clever thing to say. among other goodies we literally immerse ourselves in a deceivingly peaceful yet hostile element while pretending it might as well be bath water with non-slip rubber thingies at the bottom of the tub. “unity of opposites” doesn’t apply to us because we have to deal with slimy stones and “the path up and down are one and the same”  for sure didn’t come out of the mouth of someone who has bad joints and had to go from a floundering situation to an upright one on those same slimy stones all the while trying to avoid breaking his Evil Black stick..

anyhow, yesterday afternoon while concentrating hard on not blanking again i managed to not only step in the same water but also fall in it in the exact same place and manner* as i did a few months back. not having a camera crew or a gopro to be able to show the World every single thing i do in life…, i’m sure you’ll take my word for it.

for the  philosophers out there, it looked a little like this.

* this particular method was named “the slow collapse” by it’s creator and ‘He who turned it into an art form’, my very dear friend Mark Surtees.