brainwashem’ young- Maddy

from casting to mending to striking and line retrieval/fighting to landing and releasing, to her focussed attitude and cool and calm demeanor, (be sure to turn up the volume at 1:10 of the first clip to hear her simply say “I’ll catch a bigger one” after her fish came off), little Maddy’s already acquired an enormous amount of angling skills which could serve as an example for anglers of all age groups and levels.

i seem to write this every time i post an article in this series but i really mean it: this little girl’s really special and i’d also like to extend a BIG congrats to Daddy, you’ve done an awesome job !
all us older people love seeing kids fly fish but as always, the brainwashem’ young series is maybe mostly there to be shared with the little ones in your life for them to find inspiration from their peers.

because more is better, here’s another outing from earlier on in the year. enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Julian’s Wouf-Wouf salmon fly

today’s super-duper tying treat come to us from young Julian Furlaga and be sure to remember that name because i’m very certain we’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the future.
very well tied and explained * and pleasant to watch, Julian’s most excellent tutorial not only shows us how to tie a great salmon/migratory fish pattern but also that these patterns don’t require a rocket science or brain surgery degree to tie; a barrier a lot of adults seem to have a hard time climbing over…

this tutorial’s special and be sure to notice how the lad put on his special Sunday shirt to make the video, enjoy !

* in the fly tying world, ‘palmering‘ means winding a hackle around the hook shank, not pulling hackle fibres back before winding/palmering the hackle to the hook shank. i’m sure Julian will have sussed that out soon.

brainwashem’ young- Robyn

from grandpa Stuart Longhurst

“Next champion coming on… 3 year old Robyn showing her mum and dad what a distance cast is.”

too cute !

Robyn 5wt (1)mamma Silja had just taken both gold medals in the 15 and 16 foot Spey categories in the recent Swedish Championships and with dad Lasse Karlsson being several times Danish champion and all-around über-caster, its pretty safe to say her future looks more than bright.
Super-Silja !

brainwashem’ young- Oscar

just in from papa Campbell:
“Our season opened yesterday. I took Oscar out for a couple hours today as he had been asking me to go fishing. We stocked up on cookies (and left them in the car) and hit a small stream. (We had planned to go to the Clyde, but you need a passport photo for an annual license and we didn’t have one….)
The fish were obliging, we had two on dries and three on numphs. We had another fall off. I think the picture I have attached of Oscar sums it all up pretty nicely.”

brainwashem young- Oscar TLC 17-3-14

it sure does, congrats little buddy  !

for a lot more kid’s smiles and the complete brainwashem’ young series click here


via today’s just-pressed logo

this introduction note by Pete Tyjas caught my fancy as this topic goes hand in hand with the little 60 or so posts of the ‘brainwashem’ young’ series here on TLC designed to attract our younger friends to our passion. i can’t really figure out the ‘why’ aspect but i like the idea that each one of us does a little something once in a while to share fly fishing to someone else. sure, its quite possible we all might be eaten soon by zombies but on the other hand, we might defeat those ugly/stinking-sticky/disgusting creatures and get to continue on with our normal fly fishing lives. something tells me it’s probably worth doing.

” I’ve had some interesting conversations recently about the average age of fly anglers in the UK. It sounds like it comes in near to retirement age and has given cause for concern.

I have worked professionally in fly fishing for over ten years now and when I first started I am pretty sure these numbers were being quoted back then. Before this I have to be honest and say I had no idea.

It was a shock when I first heard this and it still is. Look at the scene in the US or Scandinavia for instance which seems to be booming. Fly fishing in these places is seen as cool, hip and trendy and works hand in hand with the whole “great outdoors” thing.

In the UK we generally don’t have access to big expanses of wilderness but we are lucky to have large areas of wild fishing where you might not see another angler. I count myself lucky to have one such example on my doorstep – Dartmoor.

Not everyone has though and it is where our reservoirs and put and take stillwater fisheries fill a gap. Small stillwaters also work well for the occasional angler who wants a few rainbows for the pot too.

But what of those of us whose lives revolve around fly fishing? We dream about it, tie flies when we can’t go, read books and enjoy magazines to fill the void. Are we a minority?

Not so long ago I was starting to think this but now I am not so sure. We have great schemes like Get Hooked which introduces youngsters to all forms of fishing, Mayfly in the classroom and numerous days run by the likes of the Environment Agency and Salmon and Trout Association. I wonder how many schemes like this were being run 30 years ago?

It seems to me that the dynamic has changed a little and there is a wide range of activities that parents take their children to. When I was younger I’d play football in the winter and cricket in the summer and do some fishing for carp too. That was about it. Nowadays, there are musical instrument lessons, horse riding, ballet, football, rugby amongst many other pastimes, along with tennis which also is enjoying a resurgence too. All along with the often-mentioned computer games.

Fishing has always been there in the background and sometimes the love for it is lost for a while and then rediscovered a little further down the line. It might be one of the reasons the average age of anglers is higher but since embarking on ESF I have met plenty of fly anglers in their 20s to 40s who fish hard, sleep in cars, chase the hatches and live for fly fishing.

It has left me far from despondent about the state of fly fishing and those entering it. We have to be honest and say it is a niche pastime but I have been greatly encouraged to see not one but two new TV shows featuring fly fishing in the last few months. One of those was on terrestrial TV too which is surely a positive. Kudos to TV execs for making such a bold choice.

So, we enter 2014 and I can’t wait to go fishing in the company of friends and hope I get the chance to bring more people into our great pastime.

Good fishing! “

Pete Tyjas

and that’s just the front page of this great online magazine. be sure to check out all the rest by clicking the logo above or HERE 

brainwashem’ young- Isabella’s Spey

papa Matt Tripet says “My little Isabella is rocking some wonderful Spey casts!” and the rest of us can just stay in the background, admire and woW in anticipation of seeing just how good she’ll be at this by the time the little darling’s ten…

brainwashem' young- Isabella TLC 18-12-13

brainwashem’ young- Kristofer

Kristofer 1 TLC b-wm'young 7-10-13for sure, having one of the best tiers in the world as dad doesn’t hurt, but the real motivation has to come from themselves

Kristofer 2 TLC bw-m' young 7-10-13and result speaks for itself…

super-good going little buddy ! hope to catch up with you again soon.

as for dad Ulf Hagström, author of the very much read article Think differently – The fish eating fish fly , be sure to dig through his site The way of the Fly  to discover some gorgeously tied hidden treasures.

brainwashem’ young- Lucky Phoenix

one lucky indeed little chap that gets to have such a nice belly-cam view of dad Scot Hinkel doing the do as well as doing the do gets.

the brainwashem’ young series, mostly intended to be shared among kids themselves because age groups tend to relate to their own better than from other age groups, this one’s for the parents and kind of settles the silly “At what age should i start my kids fishing ?” question that pops up so regularly. the simple answer is there is no age.

sure, Phoenix isn’t doing a whole lot more than looking, enjoying the sights and sounds but then, at his development stage that’s already a whole lot of information and this information is good, wholesome, healthy and fun and those impression stick. add to that the inevitable bonding and who knows, maybe actually feeling an increased heartbeat when dad hooks up and fights the fish and they in turn are already hooked to fly fishing without ever having picked up a rod.

Phoenix & Scot brainwashem' young 3-10-13
thanks for sharing this special moment with us Scot.  (btw, nice catch… 😉 )

brainwashem’ young- Magnus

hmmm…  there’s not much to say except for expect to wear a big smile and maybe feel a little jealous at the same time. be sure to share this with your little ones !

brainwashem’ young- What a Life(Cycle) !

not a whole lot to learn here (except that trout eat chironomids at all stages of their development, from the bottom of the water to the top and when they come back to deposit eggs: i guess just like any other aquatic bug… ) but ! it’s still an amusing little film that might be of interest for your littles ones. i bet they’ll chuckle when the fish shows up. enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Kite-Master Eryn

‘Fish Fight Simulator’ by Lee Cummings

actually, i’m not sure if this lovely lass is Millie ‘The Double-Haul Princess’  because they grow so fast… (it turns out it’s Millie’s sister Eryn) but regardless, it’s hard to imagine a better and funner way to teach a kid how to learn to fight a fish and be comfortable with rod and reel management before actually having one on the end of the line.  fun !

brainwashem’ young- My First Trout

by Eoin Fairgrieve


“Written by professional fly casting instructor, Eoin Fairgrieve, My First Trout is an interactive children’s book about learning to fish for trout. This book has been inspired by Eoin’s work teaching thousands of children to fish, and comprises of sixteen chapters covering all aspects of fly fishing for this prized species of fish. It includes motion graphics, interactive educational tools, and an image gallery. The book is written in an informative and engaging style, and children will learn about water safety, the trout’s anatomy and lifecycle, and the importance of maintaining a healthy riverside environment. Other chapters include information on what the trout eats as well as essential tackle and fly casting techniques. This publication is an ideal reading and reference guide for any child interested in learning to fish for trout, and is particularly suitable for children between the ages of 9-16 years.”

this is the follow up ebook to My First Salmon available for download on your iPad with iBooks and at only 7$ it’s the perfect gift you don’t want to miss giving to our little friends. click the pic to access the iTunes store.

brainwashem’ young- Emma one year later

one of the nicest encounters i made whilst living in Sweden was meeting Emma Lindgren. first time was three years ago at a fly fair where at 13 she was tying trout flies up there with the big guys. at later shows she was mostly tying big pike flies for big pike at the Vision stand, always a smile and bright as a star, she’s one of those special people that always brings a smile to my face and seeing these new pics from a recent trip to Alberta did just that.
i’m looking forward to next year’s update. i wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it’s about a bonefish, permit, tarpon Grand Slam…

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brainwashem’ young- First Encounter

no, outside of being an object papa Daniel Bergman loves to play with, he most probably doesn’t have a clue what this strange object is but there’s a good chance that later on the ‘metal-thingy/papa-fun’ image will remain and come back when the time is right.

‘brainwashing’ in the sense of this series’ title is all about letting the wee ones discover our wonderful enriching activity on their own with little hints and gentle guidance from us along the way. even if it’s a 700$ rod or vice, go ahead, let them play with your toys. it’s one of the better things these toys will ever do.

brainwashem' young 'first encounter' TLC 18-7-13

brainwashem’ young- a third hand

via TroutHunter

sometimes dad needs a hand,
third hand b-w'm young TLC 16-6-13

and if you don’t have one you can always teach mom how to tenkara fish naked but whatever you do, be sure to bring your parents out to the water, it’s good for their souls.
naked tenkara

BrainWashem’ Young- Yasmin and her nails

fancy nails or not, here’s a nice fly tied by a nice young lady via papa Hywel Morgan.

this version of the Montana nymph, with it’s pheasant tail rear, dubbed thorax instead of chenille and skipping the soft hackle makes it in my oppinion a better and more ‘all-rounder fly’ fishing-wise, and a great pattern to start off a person’s tying career. (come to think about it, outside of the basic black/lime green color scheme and that it’s a nymph, there’s isn’t all that much ‘Montana’ in this fly… )
anyhow ! and regardless, it’s all good and something you might want to share with your wee ones (and get them away from pink nail varnishes, video games and cell phones, at least for a while… ) enjoy !

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brainwashem’ young- Noémi

ok, i’ll go all mushy and stuff here, no probs. seeing such talent from a nine year old goes straight to my heart and brings out the big-‘ole smile that just doesn’t happen when watching adults, not even the masters of the craft.
congratulations on your fantastic work Noémi, i hope you’ll continue and inspire other kids to follow your path !/félicitations pour ton si beau travail Noémi, j’espére que tu continueras et inspireras d’autres enfants à suivre ton chemin !

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btw, this is just one example of what papa C. Bailly does…
P2120005to see more of his great flies and photography be sure to click the image above. enjoy !

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brainwashem’ young: Miss Fingers and the Grey Ghost

interesting coincidence as i was reading back through  GOne Fishin9  while thinking of setting up a post on Davie McPhail’s Gray Ghost streamer and found this little gem.

in Davie ‘s version there isn’t a cute little helper or background birdsongs but it’s still a pretty nice fly even though he deviates quite a bit from the original above while still calling it a Grey Ghost:mrgreen:

you’ll find a lot more fly fishing kids in the brainwashem’ young series.
please share these with either your own kids or ones you might have borrowed along the way. our passion of the aquatic world and everything that goes with it is a good one, and one well worth passing on.

brainwashem’ young- Thing 1

fresh from a lovely New Zealand stream, brother of Thing 3 and son of Stu, today’s image is nothing short of fantastic.

please show the brainwashem’ young series to your little ones and little friends.
as adults, we can do all we can to share our passion but nothing beats the influence from peers.

thanks again Stu for sharing these great images.