The Angler and the Loop-Rod

by David Webster 1885 via OpenLibrary

“Loop-Rod and Loop-Line” 

what a nice descriptive. i like that and i like it a lot. it seems just right and somehow more appropriate than our usual ‘fly rod and fly line’ but fear not friends, this isn’t about changing what we call them but about sharing a really cool find.

the angler and the loop rod TLC 2-12-13
filled with a lot of experience and insights, tips and tricks,

angles at which to cast

you’ll also discover funny ways to talk to the fish to get them to take the fly, it’s a great read. click either image for the online book or HERE to download the file in various forms to read offline. enjoy !striking

The Natural Trout Fly and it’s Imitation

by Leonard West 1921 via via Flytying: New and Old

another gem from the past, this time from the U.S., interestingly un-copywrited and chock full of an interesting approach:
comparing the natural insect to the artificial, something that would seem rather obvious and ‘normal’ but nevertheless and unfortunately not so common in a world where it seems that most ‘realistic’ fly tier’s references to the naturals is in their imagination…

144 pages of interesting reading, comparative plates and personal insights on who-knows-how-many bugs. this is the good stuff.

click either image to access the online flip-page book. enjoy !

” Much of the floating fly-food is very small and hard to detect on the surface, and it requires some close watching to say whether it be sipped from above, or at, or just under, the surface. Thus it must come about that many a would-be dry fly purist has spent many busy hours presenting a floating fly to trout which are only taking subaqueous food. From this painful and humiliating position there is little chance of escape unless the purist makes a point of actually seeing the fly on the surface taken by the fish(and preferably identifying the insect) before he ventures a cast. Not a great many purists are so perfectly pure as that. ”

chalk one up to Skues for his humor, power of observation, rational, word choice, ‘In your face, Halford’ ways and sandals.

this seminal book is not only stuffed with invaluable information but is also a very pleasant read. a quirky style from the past written in the third person and filled with jabs directed at his moroonic purist opponents, there might be a few elements that may have been proven otherwise since but there’s a lot more “Ah-Ha !” moments making a lot of personal observations click.

another nice aspect is it’s size 16 x 11 cm making the perfect travel companion or while waiting at the dentist’s. i couldn’t recommend it enough for the serious trout angler.

excerpt from Skues on Trout – Observations From An Angler Naturalist

Stackpole Books ISBN- 13: 978-08117-0358-1