for the love of water,

because after this short resumé of Mel Krieger’s life-long passion for fishing and helping others to discover this fascinating aquatic world, that’s what it all boils down to. thanks Mel.

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For the Love of Water

“From glints and bits of foam, unlikely pale angels ascend to emerge scattered and briefly incandescent. Leaning upstream, shrugging off cold water a fish tips up, dimples the water, and whispers the meaning of mayflies.”

~ Anthony Naples

rise from below

The Northern Angler or, Fly-Fisher’s Companion

Gay’s ‘On Fly Making left me a little hungry  so after a little research i found this lovely 124 paged blast from the past by John Kirkbride first published in 1837 via
filled with all sorts of insights on fishing, tactics, flies, tweed and graced with a good dose of poetry, it’s a sweet read.

once again, i highly recommend reading these at work or instead of watching tv, we all need a break from the dismal.
click the image to access the flip-page book. enjoy !