Fly line tip ring- step by step

by Jim Williams

one of the absolutely coolest tips i’ve seen in ages, here’s how to add a tippet ring to the end of your fly line to enable quick, easy leader changes without some big nasty and dumb looking loop-to-loop connection. give this one a try, it’s  modern !

click the pic or here for the full step-by-step. thanks Jim !

If you’re not a fan of the tip ring, just omit it and leave a small loop as an option.

do it yourself line basket : small

made from an inexpensive plastic creel found in a fishing shop bargain bin and a few zip-ties with a total cost of about 5€ / 6$, this little line basket is very useful in fast rivers when there’s a need to retrieve line and not have it all washed downstream before the next cast or more in general, when we don’t need to retrieve and cast a lot of line and want a simple method of storing it.
the long flexible zip-ties hold the line, keeping it from criss-crossing and overlapping (the cause of tangles) far better than any of the commercial models i’ve ever seen and tried. the line shoots out just as easily as it went in every time.
since the basket was originally designed to be a creel (baskets worn around the shoulder to hold dead fish) and therefor quite small compared to ‘regular’ sized line baskets, this one isn’t ideal for fast stripping retrieves of the line as when fishing streamers but shines with the slow figure-of-eight or ‘twitch’ retrieves more commonly used used while fishing dries and nymphs.

great quality baskets don’t need to cost 59$ or more…