‘Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey’

~ George Gordon Byron

my new alarm clock

or at least, one of the little creeps that have taken to circling and landing on the roof right above my head all the while screaming and making the goofiest of goofy sounds only gulls make, at seven in the morning.

far from complaining, i rather like them and welcome a little diversity specially when it concerns everyday mundane things like waking up… i just wish they came with snooze buttons and maybe some kind of volume control.


a history/geography teacher once told me that if you stared at maps long enough you’d start seeing things you never thought where there and the more you looked, the more you’d see.
as i was maybe ten years old at the time the gent’s probably not around anymore but if he was i’d tell him it works with all sorts of things, notably water.

i’d also tell him how much his influence, not only in maters of maps but on myriad subjects, has stayed with me since and have made me, at least in my mind, a better person. i guess i’d tell him i love him too.