Invisible Stripping

or, the ‘basketless stripping basket’  by Joe Mahler

some nice and simple line-management tips from Joe are on the menu today and these just might reduce a lot of swelling: the kind of mind-bloating-swelling exasperation we sometimes get when the line gets bunched up and catches the rod guides on the final delivery shoot or simply gets caught on the ground, grass, boat, bushes, shoe laces, rocks, vest (add your favourite anything because if it simply exists, it exists to catch our lines while we’re casting… )

another more-than-nifty use of Joe’s method is on rivers where retrieved line gets sucked downstream by the current which isn’t as bad as the list above but its still a pain.

anyhow, its all good but be sure to give this a little practice at home before the big trip so’s to avoid dextrous confusion whilst fishing. enjoy !

Loops versus Coils

a while back i’d posted this managing running line video

and as the dozens of questions i got by email said, “what the heck is he doing ? we can’t see !”

after a lot of searching i finally found this ‘loops vs coils’ video below that will hopefully clear things up. as we see and is well explained, it’s simply a matter of alternating palm-up to palm-down which places loops on both sides of the retrieving hand instead of around the fingers.
smart and simple, this is one to practice at home before heading out to the water because as we all know, the fish waits for the angler to f’up to grab the fly…. 😉  enjoy !

Stripping (line/fly retrieval techniques)

of interest to just about any fly angler as these methods are one of the keys to success for both fresh and saltwater and not just with streamers (yes ! think outside the box, most creatures we try to imitate move in one way or another !).
combining retrieves and footage of how they effect the flies, we’ll discover a few of these ‘bring-to-life’ methods in this nice little tutorial from Angelo Peluso.