A. K. Best’s Casting Techniques

via MidCurrent

” IT USUALLY TAKES ME three or four casts to finally put the fly over the fish where I’d like it to land. But I’m a believer in presenting the first few casts to a spot that will be at least a foot or two to my side of the fish. If the fish is really hungry, it’ll often charge over to grab the fly. If it doesn’t, I can gradually work the fly in closer to the fish’s holding spot and get better floats as I adjust the angle of my casting arm and the power of the cast for more dramatic left hooks. “

no “I’ll just fling it out haphazardly and see what happens” -type fishing here.
this is strategy and it’s trout hunting.

from thoughts on fly presentation-

to retrieval techniques-

there’s a wealth of information and food for thought for any angler wanting to have more fun on the water and increase their fish catches.

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Fly Casting- the Quick Cast

by Capt. Chris Myers

often talked about but rarely explained and demonstrated so well, here’s a really nice Salt-Water Quick Cast tutorial explaining the key points leading not only to a fast, successful presentation to the fish but also doing this safely. Chris’ explanations are clear, concise and show experience. this is most surely something to work on before heading out on that dream trip and also if you’re preparing the FFF-MCCI exam as this task is on the list.

is this cast reserved for flats/skiffs saltwater fishing only ? definitely not.
stalking cruising trout in lakes or just getting for your fly in front of a fish before your boat partner does also come to mind… 😉