Dry Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice

dryflyfishing cover halfordanother doozy from the infamous “Detached Badger of “The Field” *,  Frederic Michael Halford, first printed in 1889 via openlibrary.org

while all of us in the Northern Hemisphere are secretly hating all those that aren’t, impatiently waiting for open waters and better days… here’s a more than amusing and informative and oh boy, once again reminder that while certain details have changed through fly fishing history, the bigger picture hasn’t evolved that much.

a few tidbits-


rod action


rod length
and if those don’t get your interest, this one on rod-holding ‘butt spears’ should do the trick.

butt spears

click either text/image to access the complete 400 or so page book. its well worth the read, besides, well, its well worth the read.
the guy sure had a lot to say about everything one might want to know and then more. enjoy !

* please don’t ask. i have no idea and i really don’t want to know.

Barrio Fly Reels- The Hot Copper Spider

barrio hot copper spider 1
hot copper spider barrio reel 2yummy, huh ?

Mike sums it up so well there’s not a lot to add apart that my own Spider from years ago is as good now as out of the box. both modern and traditional,  very well designed and engineered (just to give you an idea, there’s absolutely no play between the spool and the frame, something a lot of the major-league players in the fly reel industry can’t claim), this kind of overall quality at £132.00 (206US$ – 168€) including free worldwide shipping can’t be beat. already available in Silver, the Hot Copper is sure attract more than a few.

“Barrio Fly Reels are crafted for us in Germany by Ralf Vosseler, simply superb engineering!

The Hot Copper Spider is a modern lightweight design with generous fly line capacity … simple, reliable and strong.

A beautiful 3.25 inch fly reel machined from bar stock alloy and hard anodised for maximum protection. At approx 132 gms, this 5/6 line fly reel is light enough to feel good on our 3wt fly rods, yet it has the capacity to hold a 6wt fly line comfortably.

The subtle clicking friction system prevents over-run of the spool, designed so that the angler controls any braking required by applying pressure on the rim with the palm of their hand, simply what we do naturally when fly fishing for trout.

We have been offering these reels for a good number of years in various custom designs and they have a strong following. A spool from our first edition reel will fit the latest edition perfectly, a sign of first class engineering.”

click either image to access Mike Barrio’s site for more information on this more than highly recommended reel.

The Making of a Fly Reel

via GinkandGasolineJesus built my CCFX2 

starring Jesus (i guess), here’s a very cool insight on how fine fly reels are manufactured. sure, there’s a lot of machinery involved but also a lot of well trained and practiced people making sure it all comes out perfect.

as a side note, i very often hear nagging complaints of the price of high-end fly fishing gear. if we take a good look at all the high-tech machinery involved, the skilled labour, r&d, prototype testing and a lot more and combine all of that with relatively low production quantities because fly fishing is actually a very small market (compared to a lot of other industries: automobile, electronics, etc, you name it), this all easily explains the costs and resultant prices we have to pay if we want high end gear. simples.

Great News !!!

shitty reel sounds
just think, until now you’ve been annoying the shit out of everyone with your Rihanna, Depeche Mode, Elton John, Star Wars, Salsa and who knows what other horrid cell phone ring tones wherever you go but now, thanks to our Deutsch Freundens at FlyOnly you’ll be able to up the game and bring this incivility to a new level !
as a bonus, you’ll have the supreme pleasure in noticing the looks of extreme curiosity mixed with fear and anger when strangers will hear rusty-ratchet sounds coming out of your pant’s front pocket.

click the pic to access to download these clickety-clackety fly reel ringtone sounds in MP3 or directly for iPhone. enjoy ! :mrgreen:


Reels & Making Them

here’s a real gem for those who like the old stuff. personally, i use contemporary kit because i just think of it as tools where efficiency is prime but i guess the bigger reason is i don’t want to have to ‘worry’ about eventually messing up something precious while out in the middle of nature. however, as it seems to always happen in life that’s all about to change because as of tomorrow i’ll be the proud possessor of ‘The Snakecharmer’, a 7’ 3” 6wt. prototype hyper-fast bamboo rod made for me by my friend Ulf Löfdal, master split-cane builder here in Sweden. hmmm, i just might have to hunt down one of these old reel thingies to match it. great, something new to worry about…

“In creating Reels & Making Them, John Betts transcribed hundreds of pages of shop notes made over a period of two decades. The manuscript consists of over 400 pages of beautifully handwritten text and illustrations. More than 450 color photographs illustrate the background, ideas, procedures, and sequence of steps used to make reels of aluminum, brass and exotic woods.”

courtesy of John Betts and The Eclectic Angler, click on the image to download the pdf files.

SOURCE: reelsmithing.com