brainwashem’ young- Julian’s Wouf-Wouf salmon fly

today’s super-duper tying treat come to us from young Julian Furlaga and be sure to remember that name because i’m very certain we’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the future.
very well tied and explained * and pleasant to watch, Julian’s most excellent tutorial not only shows us how to tie a great salmon/migratory fish pattern but also that these patterns don’t require a rocket science or brain surgery degree to tie; a barrier a lot of adults seem to have a hard time climbing over…

this tutorial’s special and be sure to notice how the lad put on his special Sunday shirt to make the video, enjoy !

* in the fly tying world, ‘palmering‘ means winding a hackle around the hook shank, not pulling hackle fibres back before winding/palmering the hackle to the hook shank. i’m sure Julian will have sussed that out soon.

brainwashem’ young- Connor

not the youngest of the brainwashem’ young series, this young man for sure isn’t at his beginnings with this great display of craftsmanship.
here’s a Golden Retriever* to start off your week. enjoy !

* after a little research, the standard Golden Retriever seems to be just another variant of the Wooly Bugger. good on Connor for going the extra mile and turning it into something more unique and baitfish-like.

brainwashem’ young- Kristofer

Kristofer 1 TLC b-wm'young 7-10-13for sure, having one of the best tiers in the world as dad doesn’t hurt, but the real motivation has to come from themselves

Kristofer 2 TLC bw-m' young 7-10-13and result speaks for itself…

super-good going little buddy ! hope to catch up with you again soon.

as for dad Ulf Hagström, author of the very much read article Think differently – The fish eating fish fly , be sure to dig through his site The way of the Fly  to discover some gorgeously tied hidden treasures.

BrainWashem’ Young- Yasmin and her nails

fancy nails or not, here’s a nice fly tied by a nice young lady via papa Hywel Morgan.

this version of the Montana nymph, with it’s pheasant tail rear, dubbed thorax instead of chenille and skipping the soft hackle makes it in my oppinion a better and more ‘all-rounder fly’ fishing-wise, and a great pattern to start off a person’s tying career. (come to think about it, outside of the basic black/lime green color scheme and that it’s a nymph, there’s isn’t all that much ‘Montana’ in this fly… )
anyhow ! and regardless, it’s all good and something you might want to share with your wee ones (and get them away from pink nail varnishes, video games and cell phones, at least for a while… ) enjoy !

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brainwashem’ young- Noémi

ok, i’ll go all mushy and stuff here, no probs. seeing such talent from a nine year old goes straight to my heart and brings out the big-‘ole smile that just doesn’t happen when watching adults, not even the masters of the craft.
congratulations on your fantastic work Noémi, i hope you’ll continue and inspire other kids to follow your path !/félicitations pour ton si beau travail Noémi, j’espére que tu continueras et inspireras d’autres enfants à suivre ton chemin !

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btw, this is just one example of what papa C. Bailly does…
P2120005to see more of his great flies and photography be sure to click the image above. enjoy !

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brainwashem’ young- “something sort of like this”

here’s a very interesting fly tied by a very interesting young man. he knows his stuff and it’s a joy to watch him tie it and hear his voice-change twang. enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Ellie May

eleven years old and not only ties trout flies almost every night but also at shows and on tv.
five years into her tying passion, “I started making up these flies with really big feathers,” Ellie May recalled. “They weren’t really flies, they were ‘things.’ A lot of times they were just single feathers wrapped onto a hook.”

WoW, far out !…

you can read more about Ellie May here.