Strike !

more than any other aspect among all the other aspects involved in the activity of fly fishing, to me, the strike is where it is and what it’s all about.  apart from being able to admire the fish up close if everything works out well, all the rest comes second well, third.

it happens in a flash and just like a lightning bolt we get to appreciate it in all it’s glory for only a brief moment in time. maybe that’s what makes it so special.

here’s a pretty unusual example of this most excellent moment through perfect timing with the camera from Mr. FlyLine, Mike Barrio.

Mike Barrio GT125 strike

the new kid on the block

just out to the public this week comes the next generation of long belly fly lines, one that will be present not only in future distance competitions but on any waters for the angler who wants maximum versatility. i’ve had the pleasure of using two prototypes since this spring and after a short ‘getting to know you’ period have adopted them full time as my floating 5wt lines. one’s for practice, teaching and demos and the other is reserved for fishing.
close-up, mid range or far, try as i may, i can’t fault them on any aspect.
as a last note, i’ll remind you that these lines are sold for 25£ (31€ or 39$) including shipping anywhere in the world, don’t hesitate.

some specs from Mike’s page

” The new Barrio GT125 longbelly fly line has been designed for distance!

The GT125 offers superb line control, stability in the air and turnover. Our new 73 ft head helps to achieve great line speed and the reduced running line diameter over the last 25 ft improves line shoot when pushing for maximum distance.

Our relatively short belly and front taper produces a line that will load a rod well at short range for “off the tip” casts, yet our long rear taper allows huge lengths of line to be aerialised under control.

The Barrio GT125 excels at distance and provides a real alternative to other top end distance lines currently on the market, but with one real difference …. it is a superb fishing line!

Barrio GT125 Weight Forward Profile
(front taper & tip: 10 ft) (belly: 22 ft) (rear taper: 41 ft) (running line: 52 ft)