a long-long time ago in what seems to be another lifetime i knew this guy named Dewey. i don’t think it was his real name but that’s what everyone called him.

he balded early in life and had this old-timer Popeye look about him. he smoked a pipe several times a day and sort of had the same vocabulary as the stocky cartoon sailor.

its not like he had big bulging muscles, did any super-guy deeds and i don’t remember any tattoos or any lanky female companions (because he greatly favoured them overly-obese) but, he lived in a shack-type house near a port and that was enough for me to make the connection.

when you walked into his house you could smell all sorts of things and even if most of those where quite unpleasant, an overly eager imaginative mind could trick itself into believing they where smells from far away places brought back in moldy wooden crates in the bottom of the hold. one of his musty possessions was a wooden canoe but just like its owner, had never seen water, much less the open sea.

dewdrops Lecanoscopy m.fauvet-TLC 12-1-16

one never knows what life brings but something tells me i’ll never see Dewey again and that’s ok. people are just like water, they come and go, they either land somewhere or flow from one area to another and eventually and inextricably evaporate into thin air, and the cycle continues.

Scottish Gathering 2014 in Elizondo, Spain

this year’s Gathering was great but a little strange.

firstly, this year’s Scottish meet was in Spain. i can’t go into the hows or whys of that but that part was cool as it’s always nice to visit a new place, even more so that i didn’t have the time this year to turn it into the usual three week casting and fishing affair and it was only 600km round trip from home instead of the usual 3000 or so. i basically live in the Pyrenees mountain range but on the diametrically opposite side. i’m on the north-east slope closer to the Mediterranean sea in France whereas the Spanish Basque region is on the south-west slope of the range closer to the Atlantic. same mountain but subtle differences in the landscape and weather patterns make it exotic enough, besides, the Pyrenees range is one of my favourite places on earth. although i was born and raised very far from here, in a sense, it’s the closest i can think of when i think of ‘home’.

having been kicked off of the Sexyloops forum several months ago made it even more strange. not because of all the great friends i’ve made over the years through the forum which was the real reason i went there, and where the friendship status hasn’t changed one iota, but you know, being kicked off a forum for no real or valid reason by its owner leaves a sour aftertaste even if that sourness is very mild.

this being my fourth Gathering i knew that the ‘play it by ear’ style of event organisation was the norm but i can’t help but feel bad for our Spanish friends who are always used to meets that are very structured and where casters of different levels are taken into consideration and offered casting games and different activities other than all-afternoon comp-style distance casting.

to be honest, i’m a lot more disappointed than what the above might suggest. the super high-level quality and willingness to share of my attending friends was there but it seems that the sour atmosphere of the forum has taken some of that enthusiasm away. i’m not the type to dwindle on the past and nostalgia but these meets where a hell of a lot better before. things change and i guess that’s normal but the most important hasn’t. here’s what some of them look like.

Trevor BourneTrev castingBen DixonBen's toe dance

Joaquin Quintas, Carlos Azpilicueta, Mikel Coronado, J Nieto FernandezLos Amigos
Craig AnonCraig X
Mark SurteesMark's demo
Mark displaying a very Masterful ‘wind knot’Mark's knot
Michael HeritageMike's demo
Spanish/French border just north of Elizondo (french side)Col de Something
at first i had thought maybe Tracey had forgotten to bring deodorant but it turned out that Carlos is simply allergic to airborne pollen.Tracey and deodorant mask
casting film crew- James and Trev ‘The Bipod’cast filming crew
CarlosCarlos demoCarlos' TMCCI Carlos
Scott LoudonScott Loudon

tripping and friendly faces

hi friends !
just back from an almost three week, 5000 km tripping to the UK, trying to get things organized at home and as far as posting about the trippings here on the Cobra, i haven’t the slightest idea where to start so in the meantime, and since there weren’t a whole heck of a lot of fish involved… here are some very good friends.

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if it gets stuck, call a friend

from Gink + Gasoline

of course, having friends means being amiable enough for others to want to be around you. if you’re one of those, then this video is for you.

and if you’re not, i’ll soon have a few equally effective tips on how to separate rod parts all by yourself.