biblical hexes

mayfly satelite July202014“A massive mayfly hatch on the Mississippi River in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area July 20, 2014, was described as a insect infestation of “biblical proportions” so intense that it made driving in the region difficult and even dangerous. Poor visibility and slippery roads (due to mayflies) were blamed for a three-vehicle accident on the Hwy. 63 bridge linking Red Wing and Hager City, Wisconsin, that left one person hospitalised.”

sure, this info has gone a bit viral lately. some have seen it and this is for those who haven’t. apart from the poor people hurt in the accident this is a magical moment to say the least.
click the gif for the full story by Ross Purnell at FlyFisherman

Cloudy Emerging

by Tightline Productions

nice, nice, nice and nice !
a cloud, a wisp, a veil or two. shape, silhouette, ‘hanging position’, it’s all there.
all the key emerger elements all wrapped up in this very tasty little Cloud Emerger bug from Matt Grobert. be sure to pay particular attention to the ‘tent wing-case’s construction. what an ingenious, realistic and fantastic looking element. enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Alistair and Royce

even though dad thinks he’s not getting any fishing time in these days, he’s quite actively getting his boys ready for a life-long passion for fly fishing. good on ya pops !

Alistair, 3 and already likin’ the fluff.

6 year old Royce during his first casting lesson with his new rod. outstanding form and looking at his back cast. wow !
 dad ‘Agitated Angler’ Acey has told me regarding the ‘brainwashem young’ series here:
“I’ve actually shown him those pics. He usually demands a tying session directly after seeing them.”

now if anything’s cooler than that, i don’t know what cool is…