How To Properly Throw Trout From An Aeroplane

by Anders Halverson

“First, Reese tried freezing the fish in ice blocks and parachuting them in ice cream containers. Both of these techniques, though, proved dangerous and difficult. And so, one day, Reese and his assistants tried a simpler technique. They put 50 trout and some water into a five-gallon (19-litre) can and threw it out the window toward a hatchery pond about 350 feet (107m) below. They missed, and the can bounced along the rocks nearby instead. But when observers recovered the twisted metal debris, they found 16 fish still swimming in the small amount of water that remained. It was a stunning result for fishery managers who had long been telling anglers not to throw fish back, but to gently place them back in the water.”

a funny and interesting article i found via MidCurrent. read the full article here.

and sometimes i wonder why they don’t see my flies…

and then sometimes i wonder how they manage to see it ! i was fishing a tiny waterfall, a fast little feeder stream that empties into a beautiful lake not far from home and managed a take on a dry fly just at my feet. after it went back in it’s bubbly world i wondered how it must look like from down there so the camera was plunged in to do the observing for me. it came back saying “crowded… “


what better way to start off a new blog than with a royal fuckup ?

i had just missed a fish for the 15th time in a row. the place was literally filled with grayling and arctic char. hooks and reflexes were sharp but for the life of me i couldn’t hook up in that spot.

the mojo came back soon enough but it leaves one thinking, hummmm…