Of waterproof fly boxes

and of the interesting things said about them on fly fishing forums.

– ” Been thinking about ‘waterproof’ fly boxes. The only real advantage I reckon is that they should float.

Otherwise this waterproofing stuff is just a method on how to ensure that moisture cannot escape the fly box. How to get nice and rusty flies if you don’t open your boxes to dry after getting home… ” *

– ” I know from experience. They have two advantages they can make your hooks rust faster, and you can watch them drift off on the current, rather than see them sink out of site! If you paint them bright orange, so you can see them better, you can see them float away into the extreme distance. 

The worst of all worlds are ones that only float for a short while. They drift off to where you can’t reach them, then sink. There is an inverse square law with the probability of loosing a box being dependent on the cost of the box and the time effort and expense put into filling it.

Not that I’m cynical about it at all ;)  ” *

i’m eager to see if anyone comes up with any solutions to this dilemma that aren’t overly complicated…

fly box leash TLC 26-6-13

* (names withheld to protect the innocent)

A Christmas Present from the Queen

A True Story by Jack Gartside

“As I approached the moat I looked this way and that to make sure there was no one around, joined the two pieces of my rod together, and with one flick of my wrist sent the little brown fly I had tied to my leader out into the middle of the moat, where I could see two very large trout swimming slowly about, waiting for the tourists to show up, no doubt. The Unsinkable Molly Brown (my name for the fly, tied from mink scraps scrounged from a Soho furrier’s trash) must have looked like a crust of bread or perhaps a piece of sausage or something else good to eat and the trout lost no time in coming for it. The smaller trout got there first, inhaled the fly, and I set the hook. Then it was off to the races. It took me around the moat twice before I was able to land it. At least five pounds, I figured. A very nice trout, indeed, which I quickly released. And just as quickly I unjoined the rod pieces, hid them under my long winter overcoat, and casually walked away.”

click here for the whole story

‘specially if they look like sausages !…

The Five Essentials – Nr.1 The Elimination of Slack line

by Rudy van der Meer

“The elimination of slack line is the most efficient manner to cast a fly line”

this very important notion is vital for anyone casting a fly line and one i’ll detail in the future. The Five Essentials, establish by Bill and Jay Gammel are the hardcore fundamentals of fly casting and they deserve particular attention. we’ll be going through them one by one with simple yet informative explanations and how their use will make anyone of any level a more successful caster and fisher. after that we’ll go and dig deep into these essentials to see how we can deviate them and turn what we discover into the nitty-gritty of fly casting, fine-tuned to the situation presentation casts !
i’m on the lookout for a descent video camera to show you some of these casts. this should be fun !

i really like Rudy’s approach here in turning today’s lesson into an amusing one. including humour or silliness is in my opinion something greatly lacking in most educational methods, thanks Rudy !

as an aside, who would have thought a tv talk show host would ever actually bring up an interesting topic ?