Fish Eyes

recognize fish by their eyes

the eyes have it…  if you’re anywhere near as bored today as i am, click the pic to find a nice little game of fisheye recognition and fishy-fisheye facts. ok, there’s only maybe one sportfish among the group but it’s still fascinating, as fly tiers it’s good to notice that fish eyes aren’t necessarily round but of different shapes.

On Ethics.

by Erin Block

“Fly fishing has a heritage of a fairly caught fish, and I want to be a bearer of this – even, if sometimes it is a burden and even, if it sometimes means long stretches of fishless days. I suppose my Midwestern Protestant upbringing understands and feels right at home with this, with the weight of expectation in action upon my shoulders — that there are things you just don’t do, out of principle and also, tradition. Sometimes the answer, “it’s just not right,” needs no explanation.”
more HERE

Ethics: oh boy, that’s a big one. that nasty word that generates so much love and hate, personal opinions of right and wrong all the while separating instead of reuniting. if you break it down, it’s a matter of faith, what one believes but maybe mostly what one wants to believe.

please take the time to read Erin’s article and the ongoing replies as this concerns all of us as fishers regardless of laws and regulations. there’s a lot of food for thought mixed in with ‘fodder for a bad fire’ as my grandmother used to say.

How To Properly Throw Trout From An Aeroplane

by Anders Halverson

“First, Reese tried freezing the fish in ice blocks and parachuting them in ice cream containers. Both of these techniques, though, proved dangerous and difficult. And so, one day, Reese and his assistants tried a simpler technique. They put 50 trout and some water into a five-gallon (19-litre) can and threw it out the window toward a hatchery pond about 350 feet (107m) below. They missed, and the can bounced along the rocks nearby instead. But when observers recovered the twisted metal debris, they found 16 fish still swimming in the small amount of water that remained. It was a stunning result for fishery managers who had long been telling anglers not to throw fish back, but to gently place them back in the water.”

a funny and interesting article i found via MidCurrent. read the full article here.