“what we think we see is, much more often than not, genuinely there.”

everything looked familiar, the trees, the sun had roughly been in the same place last week. the way to the lake was just at the end of the path and i know this because something deep inside said so.
several ‘just at the end of the paths’ later i realised that i wasn’t seeing with my eyes what my mind was: the lake was genuinely not there and never was….pathtreesquote source

If you want to shine like a sun,

first burn like a sun.


Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

frosted Fran the Mute


some anthropomorpher might say something like “Oh, the things he’s seen” and i’d go all nerd and shit and tell the morpher that Fran is short for Francesca, doesn’t have eyes and isn’t about to tell you anything at all about all the things it didn’t see and even if it did see and have a mouth, one would have to wonder why it would communicate at all with such a small, soft, short-lived creature that constantly struggles to stand on its two feet.