Pike may not be invader species

quite interesting read on Irish pike and their not-so-well-known diadromous capabilities. (referring to all fishes which migrate between the sea and fresh water)

Scientists from Inland Fisheries Ireland, led by Debbi Pedreschi of UCD, have studied the history of pike in Ireland.
” The pike, up to now, was regarded as an introduced alien species. The Irish name ‘gailliasc’, the ‘foreign fish’, seemed to attest to that. No illustrations of this large lake-dweller appear in medieval manuscripts, although the salmon and the eel feature prominently. The first written references to pike appeared in the 16th century, suggesting that this sport fish arrived here around then.
irish pike
That pike were introduced seemed a plausible theory. So-called ‘diadromous’ species, such as eels salmonids and lampreys, can move between fresh and salt water. When the ice covering this part of the world melted, 8,000 years ago, they were able to cross the sea and enter Irish rivers. Pike, and the other ‘coarse’ fish, would die if they ventured into the ocean. They couldn’t reach Ireland, or so it was thought. “

click the pic for the complete article on the Irish Examiner. enjoy !

Connemara Black Variant

by Hans Weilenmann

i don’t know why but i like this style of traditional Loch wet flies. a lot.connemara_black_variant

it’s not the traditional aspect because in a way i couldn’t care less about traditions so i guess the appeal is that something about them says fish-magnets and they are just that. some of these patterns are just as effective now as they where when created more than a hundred years ago, (which is a dangerously-close-to-traditionalist’s statement… ) but for the moment i’ll just leave it at that and let you enjoy this fine tutorial by Master Hans while i think of what tradition may or may not mean.

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places i wake up

wasn’t sure if i’d make it to the Irish International Fly Fair in Killyleagh this year but the plane tickets are booked, little and big details are being arranged and there’s going to be a lot of time spent trying to condense tying materials and all the little goodies that might be needed for a two day tying event including fishing before and after ! of course i have no idea what to tie…

this pic was from last year’s fair. i had driven up from the south of France and gotten there pretty late so i looked for a nice place to park the van and spend the night. the sky was clouded over and dark but i knew there was water nearby, i could smell it. this is what i saw in the morning when i slid open door.