Trashdragons and Trashfish

put together with little fingers and the great creative minds of the children of Killyleagh in Norther Ireland, these two pieces where made of assorted trash from river clean-up projects organized by the Dibney River Conservation Trust and other groups and sponsors such as the Irish International Fly Fair i’ve been attending for the last three years whose benefits all go to funding the Trust’s projects.

in a continued work of restoring this wee river to what it used to be; a clean, trout striving, seatrout spawning river full of vegetation, insects and birds, the Trust volunteers are helping the town people be aware that this little river isn’t a place to throw bottles, bicycles and tires but a lovely piece of nature that’s part of their heritage that runs through their town.

last time i was there, even though there’s still traces of debris thrown in by the inhabitants we could easily see rising brown trout and river birds swooping around hunting bugs from the bridges in town.

they’re doing a great job in making a little part of our big world a little better. thanks

places i wake up

wasn’t sure if i’d make it to the Irish International Fly Fair in Killyleagh this year but the plane tickets are booked, little and big details are being arranged and there’s going to be a lot of time spent trying to condense tying materials and all the little goodies that might be needed for a two day tying event including fishing before and after ! of course i have no idea what to tie…

this pic was from last year’s fair. i had driven up from the south of France and gotten there pretty late so i looked for a nice place to park the van and spend the night. the sky was clouded over and dark but i knew there was water nearby, i could smell it. this is what i saw in the morning when i slid open door.