‘The adventure of the Lion’s Mane’

contrary to Conan Doyle’s story which bears that very title, i can’t really tell you this animal’s adventures or even how it lived, but can only pictorially report it’s death, however

at this point in my life i’ve seen about a billion dead creatures but none as amazingly beautiful, creepy, hallucino-trippy, galaxy-encompassing, fleshy, cool, gooey and oh, i just can’t find any other words so i will just leave you with this Lion’s Mane jellyfish i found on the beach yesterday at Gare Loch, a sea loch connected to river Clyde near Glasgow, Scotland to enjoy.


a not-in-the-slightest bit creepy or spooky Stygiomedusa gigantea

“Stygiomedusa gigantea is one of the largest invertebrate predators known in the ocean, yet little is understood about its ecology and behavior. Stygiomedusa lacks tentacles, but has four extraordinarily large oral arms that are presumably used to envelope prey. The swimming bell of this spectacular medusa can reach over one meter across with arms over ten meters long.”

now the geek stuff’s out of the way, what we’re left with is an amazing deep-deep water creature that’s just well… amazing ! due to rare encounters researchers don’t seem to know a whole heck of a lot about this particular medusidae but it seems to only eat little tiny things and creatures no-one really cares about and definitely not people or baby seals or ocean pandas so, we’re basically safe.
on the other hand, what’s really creepy and spooky is the narrator’s voice but it can easily be obliterated by clicking your mute button.

if i where a parent i’d instantly show this to my kids not because it’s pooky, ghostly or strange or that they’ve somehow managed to grow oral arms… nor because its halloween time, but simply because its astoundingly cool and beautiful and maybe mostly as a reminder that nature and all its creatures come in many shapes and forms and whether they’re from land or water, they’re all f’n amazing. enjoy !