Jim’s extended-body

by Jim Lees 

knowing Jim personally, ‘extended-body’ wouldn’t be the first thing i think of when thinking of him but that’s maybe the sign of a great fly dresser: always expect the unexpected !

jim & marc ifff 2011fishing buddies Marc and Jim at the IFFF 2011, Killyleagh, N. Ireland. (the guy in the back is holding up the pub)

“In most circumstances I’m not a huge fan of extended body flies but where I happily make an exception and where extended bodies really excel is with flies like the Daddy Long Legs or Danica Mayfly. With those flies you’re not sacrificing hook size or performance when you have the hook shank contain just the thorax of the fly.

So assuming you want extended bodies where do you go from there? Buy in or make your own?”

buying bodies. that just doesn’t sound right… better to go the Jim way by clicking the pic to access this great step by step tutorial.
once done, be sure to check out this post where Jim explains how to mount these sexy tubes. (somehow, that sounds a lot better)
enjoy !