brainwashem’ young- By the River

bringing the littles ones for a fishing outing usually entails a lot of fishing downtime: attention wavers, tiredness sets in quick and then there’s all those cookies that need to be eaten… but all that’s normal and just the way it should be.
as a bonus, all that non-fishing time can be a great reminder to the adult that there’s so much more to fishing than just trying to catch fish. as i often remind myself, it would be an awful shame to travel to these wonderful places without taking some time to appreciate their wonderfulness so, seeing how eating cookies and watching birds go hand in hand, why not use that time and see if they can recognise, count and discover other fauna/flora lifeforms that complete the waterway’s ecosystem ? presented as a game this can be a lot of fun for all.

this short film by Will Rose is about riverside birds and there’s just a few of them but that’s good too as we’ll have to fill in all the blanks and then there’s all those things that aren’t birds. mom’s and pop’s work is never done…
with the hope that this might inspire, enjoy !

brainwashem’ young- Tweedstart

via Eoin Fairgrieve

“Fifteen years ago some River Tweed ghillies got together and organised a morning for local children to learn about various aspects of becoming an angler – We called the event Tweedstart. Today Tweedstart has introduced thousands of children to fly fishing in the Scottish Borders. This is a short film about the project:”

this kind of initiative is all good, all around. kids get out of the classroom, get a better understanding and discover their inherent connection with the outdoors that just can’t happen within walls.
much more than just a fly fishing school, they get to learn about the water’s ecosystem and discover what a precious resource waterways are, water safety, camaraderie/teamwork, how a well managed fishery can be vital plus to a region’s economy and maybe best of all, go back home with fond memories and mud-stained clothing and hands.

with the hope that organisations such as Tweedstart and others around the globe will influence the creation of even more like-minded operations with kids with the fantastic help of people like Eoin and many others, here’s a few videos showing just what a great job they’re doing. enjoy !


brainwashem’ young- Connor

not the youngest of the brainwashem’ young series, this young man for sure isn’t at his beginnings with this great display of craftsmanship.
here’s a Golden Retriever* to start off your week. enjoy !

* after a little research, the standard Golden Retriever seems to be just another variant of the Wooly Bugger. good on Connor for going the extra mile and turning it into something more unique and baitfish-like.

brainwashem’ young- Thing’s ready

not sure which one it is but one of the three Things is good to go for tomorrow’s adventure. sweet dreams lad  !

brainwashem' young - Thing's Ready TLC  1-6-13
thanks as ever to papa Stu Hastie for sharing these magical moments.

update– success !
Thing 1 Big Trout

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brainwashem’ young- two Things, a backyard and what fly casting practice should be:

Fun !

“What a bad parent I am, not actually teaching him to cast. He tells me he knows that already, so I just leave the rod propped up by the back door and leave him to it. I must say I’m impressed with how his haul is coming along.” poppa Stu Hastie

i wish all bad parents where this bad…

one of the more important aspects in sharing our passion is to know when to back off and let them go nuts on their own and simply enjoy the moment. our egos might not always agree but they’ll often learn a lot more this way.
from an instructor/observational/behavioral point of view, of special interest here is when the younger brother ‘becomes the fish’. Thing 1 immediately becomes more focused and calm and delivers the fly exactly where he wants it to go while directing all his attention towards his fishbrother.
my guess is it’s our predator instinct that takes over even when it’s not a prey, something that was very obvious and consistent when i practiced casting with Pussy Galore.

we’d already seen the exploits of Thing 1 and Thing 3, here they are for the first time on video. enjoy  !

brainwashem’ young- “something sort of like this”

here’s a very interesting fly tied by a very interesting young man. he knows his stuff and it’s a joy to watch him tie it and hear his voice-change twang. enjoy !

the little things

that can turn fishing and casting instruction into special moments.

helping a kid hook up to his first fish

seeing the ‘click’ in the student’s eyes when things go from rough

to smooth

and the unexpected visit of an onlooker behind your back.

the trip back is always a little sad but there’ll be more. lots more.

brainwashem’ young- Emma

15 years old and already a regular fly tier in all the Swedish fairs, very talented Emma Lindgren’s turning into (well, already is… ) a wonderful representative of our activity and and a great inspiration for kids everywhere.
i’m looking forward to seeing her again in the coming shows in Stockholm this month. 😀

brainwashem’ young- Ellie May

eleven years old and not only ties trout flies almost every night but also at shows and on tv.
five years into her tying passion, “I started making up these flies with really big feathers,” Ellie May recalled. “They weren’t really flies, they were ‘things.’ A lot of times they were just single feathers wrapped onto a hook.”

WoW, far out !…

you can read more about Ellie May here.