brainwashem’ young- Kite-Master Eryn

‘Fish Fight Simulator’ by Lee Cummings

actually, i’m not sure if this lovely lass is Millie ‘The Double-Haul Princess’  because they grow so fast… (it turns out it’s Millie’s sister Eryn) but regardless, it’s hard to imagine a better and funner way to teach a kid how to learn to fight a fish and be comfortable with rod and reel management before actually having one on the end of the line.  fun !

brainwashem’ young- George

“15 year old George learned to cast a few weeks before this and was casting the Double Spey and Snake Roll for the first time… “

just shows what a great natural talent combined to a great casting coach can do. of course, it doesn’t hurt if that particular coach happens to be Ian Gordon

brainwashem’ young- Pipa

Pipa 1
most of us would be jealous…

Pipa 2

is there a best part to this little story ? no, but having shared her experience with her class and now here means hopefully a lot more kids will get to feel how special a day out on the water is. who knows, they just might want to do the same.

big cheers to uncle Chris Dore for sharing this lovely moment with us.

brainwashem’ young- Thing’s ready

not sure which one it is but one of the three Things is good to go for tomorrow’s adventure. sweet dreams lad  !

brainwashem' young - Thing's Ready TLC  1-6-13
thanks as ever to papa Stu Hastie for sharing these magical moments.

update– success !
Thing 1 Big Trout

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