All Dubbed Out and ready to Go

as promised earlier, Fly Tying: A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial is back and running as before.
all images are i believe, where they should be… and Dennis Shaw’s fantastico-ultimate dubbing reference is back, available for all to see, use and learn from.

whew… to be honest, it was a royal pain in the butt because, ehh, it’s not worth going into technical details but i’m glad it’s over and i can move on to simpler and less butt-paining things such as heading back to Special Stream to drink in its beauty. enjoy !


no Purple Haze chaser.

you go your way,

i’ll go mine.

if we’re lucky we’ll both get lost and meet somewhere in between.

two friggin’ Aliens

just waiting for someone to fall in…

| ɪmˈprɛʃ(ə)nɪz(ə)m |

“The impressionist painters repudiated both the precise academic style, emotional concerns and their interest in objective representation, especially of landscape, was influenced by early photography”

and my own influences in photography come from the very same painters that where influenced by photography combined with a healthy dose of staring at water:
circles, continuations and swirly things

this Fall Guy

reminded me of Eugene Victor Tooms.

they tell us we’re supposed to be very-very concentrated while fishing: it’s a nice idea and all but it doesn’t always work.

twist and wind

as in: twist my ankles getting in and out of there and wind up getting lost on the way out.
just parts of what makes a great day streamside i suppose…

moon above


and moon below.

(i’m loving the big-eared piggy top left !)

-and a little something in between-

call it novelty, the little boy-like excitement of working out the ins and outs of a new camera kit or just a distraction from fly fishing or whatever you’d want, but i’m having a blast mostly focusing on and recording the natural elements that surround the fly fishing world without actually doing a lot of fishing: i’m really enjoying the break.

regular readers will have noticed over the last few months scarcely any new posts here directly related to fishing, fly casting, fly tying and while that’s probably just a passing thing i’ll continue this current urge/theme until it wears out or something else comes about.

as well, regular readers will also have noticed that The Limp Cobra has acquired a new name: Fiat Lux
which was the name of my photo studio what seems like several lifetimes ago.
it’s Latin for ‘Let there be Light’, the fundamental element of photography (bring it on !) with the added bonus that it sounds weird, funny or rather, funky,  just like The Limp Cobra…
i’m changing or maybe just blending to a past self so it seems normal that this site should follow along.

apart from the site’s title all content will of course remain the same.
all previously posted tying, casting, kit and fishing articles are right there where they’ve always been and can be accessed through the top bar menus of any page, in the Categories section at the bottom of any page or by using the Search bar also at the bottom of any page so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone even if i primarily focus on the eye candy.

as always thanks for stopping by, i hope you’ll come back.

‘Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey’

~ George Gordon Byron


a history/geography teacher once told me that if you stared at maps long enough you’d start seeing things you never thought where there and the more you looked, the more you’d see.
as i was maybe ten years old at the time the gent’s probably not around anymore but if he was i’d tell him it works with all sorts of things, notably water.

i’d also tell him how much his influence, not only in maters of maps but on myriad subjects, has stayed with me since and have made me, at least in my mind, a better person. i guess i’d tell him i love him too.



another trout season, the shift from winter to spring, from dark to light, one flow flowing, opening into another.

Mulholland drive

my take on Lynch’s film is that it’s a nightmare of a nightmare but whether that’s true or not is irrelevant in regards to today’s watery image.mulholland-m-fauvet-tlc-25-2-17
there is however a connection in that nightmare within a nightmare or dream within a dream concept but then, maybe that’s just me.


at first it might seem like some computer generated imagery created for a sci-fi flick but you know, nature doesn’t need any artifices to be dramatic, thought-provoking, beautiful, awesome and just plain cool. enjoy !

“This video is being shown at normal speed. For those who have not witnessed an event like this in person, it may look as if the video is sped up. Some ice stacking events move more slowly, especially when the wind is weaker or intermittent. The large sheets of ice shown in this video had pretty good momentum from sustained winds, but at one point the ice came to a groaning halt and the silence seemed almost deafening; it was a little eerie. Then the breeze picked up and the ice was on the move again, stacking plates.”

via Dawn M. LaPointe / RadiantSpiritGallery.
for more info on this fascinating phenomenon click here.

Our full potential is when we flow as one

beautiful images with an even more beautiful message, drink them down and let them flow through.

If you want to shine like a sun,

first burn like a sun.


Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

What do you think about the number 19 ?

“I like it. An odd mix of the smallest number and the largest – together in one package. It speaks to the extremes of the Universe and yet shows how they can be inexorably tied.
It is also unique in that both numbers are formed by a single constant line (using standard type). One line straight; the other curving before coming down to the base line – not so distant cousins – and neither one having a family relation with any other number. The “4” has multiple stops and abrupt changes in directions with its multiple line formation and the “2”, “3”, “5”, and “7” have their sudden starts and stops.
Although a mere number, as humans, we can’t but help to tie it to other numbers by which we judge ourselves. As an age number it is greatly important; the first step from being a “teenager” to becoming a “young adult”. In fact, the shapes of the numbers suggest a relationship between youth and age – the straight erect youth next to the bent and wizened old-timer standing together – as if sharing the secrets of life (though “1” will certainly not listen).
I would have to put “19” up there as a major number; a number among numbers. Yes, I definitely like “19”.*

enough niceties, this is somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

highland love m.fauvet-tlc 30-1-17.jpeg

* another anonymous gem caught in the web.

Snack ‘n Smack

when i was a bike messenger in D.C. that was our nickname for the F.D.A./Food and Drug Administration.
sometimes raising a few eyebrows and enquiries to the validity or exactitude of the drop off location when SnS had been absent-mindedly filled into the delivery signature manifest. said nick wasn’t exactly funny or super-clever but you know, work is work and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, if at all.
some got it and some didn’t, just as one might expect from federal employees working/spending a third of their lives in a cubicle but enough of that, let’s get back to today’s goodies.

one’s liquid, the other ethereal. both are from people i’ve been following for years, watching their explorations and developement, each time opening a door that clears the air and blows away the cobwebs. bon appétit !

Snack is a visual treat from Susi Sie. she explores and finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and puts it on film without artifice or special effects. it’s delicious.

MaGziRe‘s Smack goes through the ears, bounces around all over the place and comes out who knows where. maybe it doesn’t come out at all…

” I wanted to be a galaxy “

  ~ Twyla Tharp

nothing neck-breaking, just down-to-earth fireworks reflected on water. for more watery galaxies, click here. enjoy !

new eyes


as much as i’d wish for just that, it’s not about to happen so i’ll settle for second best: new glasses that allow me to see beautiful forms and textures in a medium that has neither form nor texture.

“Cultivate your curves,

they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.”
~Mae West


‘a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object, or not’


bit of clichéd title there but i like corny. besides, doublethinking‘s fun.

the little guy takes the cake

was out streamside seeing things that aren’t really there,

when out of the corner of the eye i saw this beautiful little puff look up in my direction and continue towards me picking up wee morsels along the way, chomping them down quickly.
the main camera and tripod where precariously balanced on a pointy boulder so i grabbed a few images of Mr. Mouse with the phone. its not the smallest of phones but i can only imagine that it probably must have seemed as a wall to him but that was neither here nor there for this guy, he was on a mission, a straight-line mouse 1

here he is bottom-right pushing against the phone to get through ! 😆
take care Mr. Mouse, you made my day.

mr mouse 2

no fish, no seas, no rivers,

but the basic element is there and it always takes us to another place making us in turn… liquid.

film by Rimantas Lukavicius


From a French surname, originally De la Noye, indicating that the bearer was from a place called La Noue (ultimately Gaulish meaning “wetland, swamp”) or, in my Delano’s case, replace wetland by awesome river and swamp by the reeds that grow in said river.
Delano is the keeper of a particularly beautiful pool where unbeknownst to me earlier, harbours one of the biggest brown trout i’ve ever caught. i didn’t actually land this big trout because Delano told it to first go into those reeds, then go around a few stalks and proceed to head back towards me at full speed, on the last fish of the last day of trout season.

Delano had no idea of my good intentions towards the slimy brute so i won’t hold it against him, he’s only doing his job afterall. i’ll try having a word or two with him during the off-season to see if we can get on better terms. he’s proud and haughty and all that but experience has taught me that a few kind words and a smile can open tightly shut doors.
we’ll see…

Water Moon

” … posture represents the Water Moon manifestation, understood as a depiction of the divinity in her (his) Pure Land, or personal paradise.” *– for U –

my own watery moon is the result of playing around with the phone and binoculars. no mysticism there, its just something do i thoughtlessly without an agenda but if you’d like to know more about the quote above and see a really sassy lady at the same time click below. enjoy !

遼 彩繪木雕水月觀音菩薩像(柳木胎)

“Hug the shore; let others try the deep”


poor guy. an exciting name like Publius Vergilius Maro gets vulgarly reduced to Virgil to what, simplify its pronunciation to the masses ?… anyhow, Publius the Poet wasn’t referring to some schmaltzy romanticism when he wrote that but was a deep understanding of one of the only real boundaries that nature on earth has to offer. shores, whether they be in fresh or salt, in still, flowing or seas are the demarcation point between us and them but its also where the two of us can meet as we’re both inextricably attracted to this boundary each one safely in our comfort zones. sometimes we mingle, sometimes we don’t and that’s just fine because something within told us to go there and we simply did what we where supposed to do.

meh… there i go doing exactly one of the things i dislike the most about contemporary photography and any kind of art in general. something i’ve (unsuccessfully) been (mildly) fighting against ever since i did photo school in 1982:
finding the need to put words to images where the image should tell the story on its own and whatever the viewer sees or not or feels or not is their own private business and not mine. besides, i’m a really shitty writer, i know it. it’s just not my thing and i definitely don’t enjoy it and it shows. i’ll try to not fall into that trap again so,

 here’s a shore that had its own story to tell.


‘The adventure of the Lion’s Mane’

contrary to Conan Doyle’s story which bears that very title, i can’t really tell you this animal’s adventures or even how it lived, but can only pictorially report it’s death, however

at this point in my life i’ve seen about a billion dead creatures but none as amazingly beautiful, creepy, hallucino-trippy, galaxy-encompassing, fleshy, cool, gooey and oh, i just can’t find any other words so i will just leave you with this Lion’s Mane jellyfish i found on the beach yesterday at Gare Loch, a sea loch connected to river Clyde near Glasgow, Scotland to enjoy.


silent fireworks

firewater 1 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16

a lot of people missed the magic last night and i won’t pretend for a second that i know how they feel nor even less that these images might be of any solace.
the rest of us, safe and sound, can maybe focus on them for a minute of silence, reminders that no matter what may be in the forefront, magic and its inherent beauty will always be there.

firewater 2 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16 firewater 3 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16 firewater 4 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16firewater 6 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16firewater 5 m.fauvet-TLC 15-7-16

for the love of water

having just geared up to enjoy an evening on the stream, i left the van and nasty thunder rolled in close by so i rolled back in to wait it out. the storm didn’t last long but sure was pretty.

ftlow m.fauvet-TLC 29-6-16

for the love of water

and everything that lives in it.image

this creature lies in one of my favourite playgrounds, the Aude river near home. the fish that live in it are rather pretty as well.



at around 2500 metres near the French/Andorran border is where one of my favorite playgrounds, the Ariège river starts its journey.

up here its just a maze of fishless, tiny, seemingly insignificant rivulets racing downhill but most great things start off small and get greater and greater until they eventually turn into something else. ya gotta start somewhere and I couldn’t think of a nicer place to be born.



is the amazingly ironic word that describes the fear of long words…
another form of irony of sorts is to have a fly fishing blog and continuously display images that aren’t fly fishing related. i wonder if there’s a word for that ?

sunstreak m.fauvet-TLC 15-4-16 'visitor' m.fauvet-TLC 15-4-16 ColzaPuss m.fauvet-TLC 15-4-16

“Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and for ever. “

~Leon Trotsky

that’s pretty rigid thinking. absolutes don’t apply to the mind, we all change view points, flow like water in all it’s forms from one direction to the next, learn and accept new ideas and forget or choose to forget.

as fate would have it, in 1940 Leon was stabbed in the head with an ice pick. consequently, some of those ideas leaked out and floated away towards the heavens for all to see.
little did he know they would be continuously evolving from one shape to another…

wavescloud m.fauvet-TLC 10-4-16

“As long as the world is turning and spinning, we’re gonna be dizzy and we’re gonna make mistakes.”

– Mel Brooks
ftlow m.fauvet 24-3-16_edit

L’Ariège et demi

because once just isn’t enough.
l'ariège et demi m.fauvet-TLC 21-3-16

Ariège (river)
The Ariège (Occitan: Arièja) is a 164 km long river in southern France, right tributary of the Garonne. Its source is in the Pyrenees, where it forms part of the border with Andorra. It flows north through the following départements and towns:

Ariège (named after the river): Ax-les-Thermes, Les Cabannes, Tarascon-sur-Ariège, Montgaillard, Foix, Varilhes, Pamiers, Saverdun.
Haute-Garonne: Cintegabelle, Auterive.
It flows into the Garonne in Portet-sur-Garonne, south of Toulouse. If the Latin origin of its name (Aurigera) is to be trusted, the Ariège is supposed to carry gold nuggets.

i’m more interested in another type of gold but i’ll keep looking…


yeah, a different kind… but this one’s a non-fly fishing visual treat.


not sure of the artist’s name, this person delves deeply into the experimental gif world and has a rather unique touch.
for those attracted to abstracted looped images this page on tumblr is well worth the visit.
subjects vary greatly but as you might expect, the watery ones as showcased here strike a special note.
be sure to click either image to access the full eye-pleasing, thought-inducing, hypnotic page. enjoy !



by Benny Goodman

moonglow ftlow m.fauvet-TLC 19-2-16
“It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue
It must have been moonglow that led me straight to you
I still hear you sayin’, “Dear one, hold me fast”
And I keep on prayin’, “Oh Lord, please let this last”

We seemed to float right through the air
Heavenly songs seemed to come from everywhere

And now when there’s moonglow, way up in the blue
I’ll always remember, that moonglow gave me you

It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue
It must have been moonglow that led me straight to you
I still hear you sayin’, “Sweet child, hold me fast”
And I keep on prayin’, “Oh Lord, please let this last”

We seemed to float right through the air
Heavenly songs seemed to come from everywhere

And now when there’s moonglow, way up in the blue
I’ll always remember, that moonglow gave me you”




here’s the soundtrack for you to sing along. enjoy !


with the use of the fairly rare slit-scan technique, this experimental short from Harvey Moon manages to stretch unstreachable and non-compressible ocean waves. it’s like trippy slit-magic. enjoy !

“falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do”


i agree, sometimes stupid is good.
Pyrenean streambed m.fauvet-TLC 14-2-16_edit

quote- Albert Einstein
Lecanoscopy (For the Love of Water) image- Pyrenean streambed

so far yet so close

one of the most fascinating aspects i’ve discovered since starting the Lecanoscopy/For the Love of Water photo series is how virtually impossible it is to discern how far away the image was taken from the water’s surface.
some macro images appear to be aerial shots one might do from a helicopter and inversely, some far-away shots seem to be taken up close. yet another example of how this oh-so familiar element still has it’s own little secrets.

the image below is of the Garonne river taken from a bridge 25 or so metres above in Toulouse, France.
see what i mean ?

Garonne lecanoscopy:ftlow m.fauvet-TLC 8-2-16

“Surrealism in painting amounted to little more than

the contents of a meagrely stocked dream world: a few witty fantasies, mostly wet dreams and agoraphobic nightmares.” ~Susan Sontag

maybe she meant something like this ? i have no idea as something within just tells me to pull out the camera and use it. after that the image is out of the hands that never really held it.
when it comes to artsy stuff, and i know very well we all have the knee-jerk reaction of trying to associate whatever artsy stuff we’re experiencing to something within us, our experiences, emotions, whatnots and what we’ve learned from others through time but that tends to lead to the stereotypical visions Susan describes in her quote.
a more challenging yet much more interesting and enriching approach is to try to wipe the mind’s eye slate clean before any artsy encounter and maybe stab it with a spoon if it won’t listen.
if we can manage to do this, we may still like or dislike or feel ambivalent about whatever it is but at least that opinion will be as close to our own as can be. anyhow, this empty lake made me think of a witty wet dream…

wet dreams m.fauvet-TLC 4-2-16


far removed from the usual watery substance, this video abstraction nevertheless fits in well in the Laconoscopy/For the Love of Water series.
is it a reminder of the random flows of life or maybe simply water’s ever-present influence so deeply ingrained in our minds ? i don’t know and don’t really care because whatever it is its nice to look at.

tech stuff for the curious from creator J. Robinson:
Caught in an eternal loop, high definition video signals create a digital Ouroboros and offer a glimpse into a forgotten realm. You make video feedback by pointing a camera at a TV while the camera is connected to the TV. It creates a feedback loop and then by manually adjusting the settings on the camera and TV you can get all kinds of crazy images.

“Let the river take you, wherever that may be… “

sounds cliché but how cool is this ?

Sound recordist and Montana local, ‘Fishman’ Mike Kasic, has an unmatched obsession for the underwater wilderness of the Yellowstone River. In this 10 minute essay film, Mike swims the Yellowstone like a human-fish through swift river canyons, watching trout in fast currents filled with frothing water tornadoes, stopping only to body surf river waves.


a long-long time ago in what seems to be another lifetime i knew this guy named Dewey. i don’t think it was his real name but that’s what everyone called him.
he balded early in life and had this old-timer Popeye look about him. he smoked a pipe several times a day and sort of had the same vocabulary as the stocky cartoon sailor.
its not like he had big bulging muscles, did any super-guy deeds and i don’t remember any tattoos or any lanky female companions (because he greatly favoured them overly-obese) but, he lived in a shack-type house near a port and that was enough for me to make the connection.

when you walked into his house you could smell all sorts of things and even if most of those where quite unpleasant, an overly eager imaginative mind could trick itself into believing they where smells from far away places brought back in moldy wooden crates in the bottom of the hold. one of his musty possessions was a wooden canoe but just like its owner, had never seen water, much less the open sea.

dewdrops Lecanoscopy m.fauvet-TLC 12-1-16

one never knows what life brings but something tells me i’ll never see Dewey again and that’s ok. people are just like water, they come and go, they either land somewhere or flow from one area to another and eventually and inextricably evaporate into thin air, and the cycle continues.

“Ha! hold my Brain; be still my beating Heart.”

hold on there both of you, what’s coming up might be intense…
canalpulse m.fauvet-TLC 31-12-15


title quote from William Mountfort’s Zelmane 1705.
an otherwise schmaltzy, overly drab, iffy romantic essay on the indirect art of not relating to fly fishing in any meaningful manner, but at least the title kinda depicts how i feel when i’m staring into watery void.
sort of.

River Deltas and belly-button Innies and Outies

these two have a lot more in common than most of us might think.

river delta belly buttons
superb and simply explained, this short clip from MinuteEarth gives us a really nice introduction to river mouth formations. whether we chose to use this info to maybe determine the better spots to fish around estuaries or just because its fun to see belly buttons and rivers is up to the viewer but i’m pretty sure your kids will get a kick out of the latter. enjoy !


– a form of self-hypnotism involving staring at water –

well, that’s a new term for me but believe me, it hasn’t fallen on deaf eyes. in fact, the whole ‘For the Love of Water’ section has taken on this new name. at 525 posts its more than obvious that i very much do love making water images but even if the old title fit the description well, i never really liked the title itself.

Lecanoscopy 1 'layers' m.fauvet-TLC 23-12-15
above is a little something i’ve been working on for a while that i hope you’ll enjoy: in-camera multiple exposures with the idea of creating strata, or layers within the original one-plane watery subject. i used to do a lot of multiple exposure images when i was using large format view cameras. it was easy and very predictable. it was always on a sturdy tripod and the huge viewfinder was well, big… and i could draw on it with a small grease pen to mark all the previous exposures, not overlap and get just-right compositions whereas my little camera is pocket size and hand held, making it a bit trickier to get desired results but sometimes it all works out and that sometimes makes it even more special. the problem with predictability is its predictable and predictable gets boring very quickly.

just in case you’re tired of all the obnoxious holiday tunes and want something a little different, here’s the mix that was playing on my MP4 whilst layering away. most don’t like ‘Ambient Trip Space Recreational Drug Use Relaxation’ sounds but a) you don’t have to press play ! b) it works just as well without recreational drugs and c) its really not bad at all as its all layered all over the place making it fit in quite nicely with my image, but mostly d) its through this tune that i discovered the lecanoscopy term in SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE, an old school, true original text format, 80s-90s cyberpunk ezine with contemporary contributors well worth checking out, specially if you’re in the mood for being both in the past and in the present at the same time. enjoy !

two baby birds and a billion droned Sockeyes.

here’s a five and a half minute hovering reminder of just how f’n amazingly beautiful and fascinating our world is.
breath it in deeply and don’t exhale. enjoy !