Lego’ my Pro Tube !

“When I was a child, I got a big box full of LEGO. I loved to play with it for hours! Ok, my mom was often not so happy, because after playing, my room looked like after an explosion of a bomb.

I still “play” with a kind of LEGO today. Well, it’s more like a fly tying LEGO. I’m talking about the tube fly system from Morten Bundgaard, owner and chief creative of Pro Sportfisher. Like Lego, everything fits together perfectly. It’s just so fun to be creative and to find out, how much is possible.”

toys, playing, fly tying and great results. i love how all this fits together and by looking at the yummy fly below, who wouldn’t ?


click the pic to access this great step by step. while you’re there i’d really recommend going through Holger’s site to check out his other works, you won’t be disappointed. enjoy !