i love flowers…

there, it’s said.
now, i’ll continue my snowflake moment by having some tea, fruit and birthday chocolate cake. mostly cake.

for Papa

today, August 2nd is my dad’s birthday. he died what seems like ages ago and contrary to the too-often heard “I loved him or her” when refering to a close deceased person, i can’t for the life of me understand why that love would stop with that person’s life.
that wasn’t a rant, it’s just my way of saying nothing’s changed so, here’s an image for him. i don’t remember him being particularly fond of flies or bugs in general but he was really keen on photography and as such might like it. happy birthday dad.


He keeps silent, like a deaf pig in the wheat-field.

if like me, piggy thinks these things look like stoneflies maybe he’ll lose his appetite and get his hearing back…

this Fall Guy

reminded me of Eugene Victor Tooms.

they tell us we’re supposed to be very-very concentrated while fishing: it’s a nice idea and all but it doesn’t always work.