Tournament Casting and the Proper Equipment

by Louis Stopford Darling 1907  via

Tournament Casting
always amazed by what a little searching on the net can bring, here’s a nifty little 130 page insight on how casting sport was practiced over a hundred years ago in the US.
even now there isn’t a whole lot published on the matter and that makes this a real treat. outdated and current, it’s a very interesting read. it does involve a few chapters on dumb bait casting equipment but by using the chapter reference below you can just flip pages or better yet, use the slider at the bottom of the page to access the fly casting parts. (be warned that the chapters pages are a little arbitrary… )
as fishers, of special interest to most of us is “Obstacle Fly Casting”. you can recreate your own ‘obstacle course’ during practice sessions and/or turn this into your own games among friends where the winner receives a chosen beverage and even the looser will have learned a trick or two to bring to the water. “He laughs best who laughs last”…  😉

click on either pic to access the complete ebook. enjoy !