‘whoever said a mayfly tail couldn’t be sexy was wrong.

Markus Hoffman hollow tailExtended Mayfly Quill Body by Markus Hoffman

i’ve seen a number of pre-made rubber hollow bodies aiming towards the same effect, but they where so ugly that using them felt more like an insult to fly tying but mostly to the fish.

and then comes Markus’ ever-creative mind that gives birth to this ingenious, simple, quick, realistic, transparent, lively looking, for-sure floating (because of all the trapped air when tied in) and just too friggin’ yummy mayfly abdomen for a fish to pass up.
by using the same pin and uv resin technique but using different sized and shaped pins and varying tail materials or not even placing a tail at all, under-body colours and rib materials we’ll end up with a whole range of delicious extended bodies to suit any hatching bug.
something tells me this  technique will be remembered and passed on for a while. simply brilliant, good on ya Markus. thanks !

a Fly for HairDressers

Hairdresser mosquito 1

yup, Markus Hoffman‘s crawled out of his Guinness-Flavored man-cave and gone into town to bring us this unusually located tasty-yummy swedish half-in/half-out, midge-chironomid-buzzer ‘Frisörmyggan‘ treat *

since the fly itself is a little hard to see on the vid, Markus gracefully provided a few pics to wet your lacquered and well gelled appetite. enjoy !

Hairdresser mosquito x2-1

*Midge-Hairdresser’ (yeah, goofy but as long as it isn’t Surströmming and it catches fish i can live with it)
** be sure to click on either pic for a selection of Markus’ trippy tying tutorials previously posted on the Cobra

a grayling, a cat, a love bug and The Animal

Markus Hoffman says it’s a caddis imitation. not being so sure as to what he’s referring to i did a little research for myself-

animal |ˈanəməl|
a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli: animals such as unspecific flies adapt badly to a caged, boxed life |humans are the only animals who weep when they can’t decide on the right fly to use whereas flies think it’s funny when humans weep.
• any such living organism other than a human being: No other creature feels compelled to tie flies or fly fish.
• a mammal, as opposed to a bird, reptile, fish, or insect: the snowfall seemed to have chased all birds, animals, and fly tiers indoors to lay their eggs.
• a person whose behavior is regarded as devoid of human attributes or civilizing influences:  “those men have to be animals, they’re constantly pointing their thumbs towards the heavens”.
• [ with adj. or noun modifier ] a particular type of person or thing: a regular party animal | wha ?…

hmmm, i’m still very much clueless and will have to find a better dictionary… but it’s a lovely video that gets this cat’s thumbs-up approval. cat-thumbs-upyou might want to share this with your kids, enjoy !

the Hoff

funny, just the other day i was wondering when Markus Hoffman would treat us to a new video and bingo ! one pops up out of his deep and dark and Guiness fumed, mantuary with a super-sweet realistical yet accessible to the average tier version of an emerging midge larvae.

with a nice soundtrack reminiscent of Davis and a few pauses to take away tying stress…  guiness once again we get to see a great fly being made and get to take in a few tricks of the trade at the same time. enjoy !

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the ‘Thumbs-Up’ Baetis Poser Fly

by groovy MadMan buddy, Markus Hoffman.

there’s a bunch of excellent tiers out there but once again, Markus serves us what is certainly the most enjoyable and delicious mix of tying, atmosphere, good-natured fun, non-obnoxious music and well, an excellent looking fly…

for more of Markus’ tying videos previously posted here be sure to click the link above. enjoy !

attitude, atmosphere and a see-through shrimp

by Markus Hoffman

this time Markus goes teeny tiny with a Hemimysis or just plain Mysis of the Mysida order.

at 5 to 25mm long these shrimpy creatures are quite small but they’r eagerly eaten up by char and trout so a nice realistic imitation is in order !

outside of the basic shape these creatures are transparent making this an essential aspect in copying them.

it’s getting darker and darken in Markus’ den, he’s forcing us to pay special attention if we want to see how to tie this great pattern. put on your night vision goggles and enjoy !

how mayflies and trout are made.

we’ve seen Markus Hoffman’s fantabulous fly tying videos here, here and here and now we get to see the next step of his obsession with art, insects, trout and fly fishing.
it’s fascinating to watch, however if you don’t like high speed, thrashy loud music that involves monster-like screaming as a singing form, i’d seriously recommend turning down the volume…  enjoy !

Overtime Mayfly Emerger Overworked

by Markus Hoffman

Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow !

this time we’re treated to the ‘Overworked Shaved Edition’ and what a treat it is  !
(yes, something special happens somewhere around the middle of the video, you’ll just have to wait and see)

i could go on and on but this little film tells it’s story on it’s own so i’ll just shut up. enjoy !