Me and the Mayfly

via the Imago Blog

always having strong issues about fishing for wild spawning fish, this little piece by Alex Gustafsson struck a resonant tone.

Is it bird, is it a plane??

No my friends, it´s just a simple mayfly.

One, simple mayfly!?

This is what I saw when after 48 hours of intense salmon fishing. (or really just casting tube flies with a two handed rod in a famous river were there supposedly could be a few salmons swiming.)

I found myself starring at it as it danced up´n down over the water and it just came to me, f**k this s**t.
 What am I doing here.

Why do I chase a fish thats here to spawn and not for eating. Why? It just dont make any sense.

I want to chase fish that eat, eat mayflies. I want to chase trout, grayling or why not arctic char.

I guess I just got a bit lost in the hunt for bigger and stronger fish that finally put me in that river with a big ass rod, chasing fish that dont eat.

Ok, the idea of catching a fresh salmon that just came up the river is fantastic. But still, seeing that mayfly reminded me of who I am as a flyfisherman.

So, a thank´s to mr. Bug for setting me straight this time.


like the bumper-sticker said: “If the van’s rockin’, don’t come knockin‘”…