Fly Tying- a Looooong Mouse

by Andreas Andersson via KanalGratis.Se

deerhairmouseif you’re the fast-food type that needs quick tutorials and quick ties you might want to look away. on the other hand, if you want what’s very probably the most awesomest deer hair mouse tutorial, hang on.

43 minutes long, you’ll need patience, time and about fourteen deer hair hides to make one of these beasts but its such a great video so full of tying tips and tricks and that all makes it more than worth the time. enjoy !


as in Carlos Azpilicueta

one of my favorite casting images, this one was taken several years back in the Spanish Basque region during a course with the Master. i often look at this image as it demonstrates power, flexibility, agility, synchronicity and grace and is a constant reminder what great casting form is all about.

as a bonus, the gigantic wall of hay bales in the background make it unique. i’ve often wondered how many thousands of mice must have lived there…