Demon Death Ghoul Streamer

what the heck… i don’t usually go for all this halloween goofiness, flies with multiple hooks and even less whatever type of music this might be considered to be but ! this just-out streamer tying tutorial by Michał Zapał of Live 4 Fly Fishing in Poland really stands out from the crowd. in fact it just might be a first in the genre and as such is much welcomed. let’s just consider it as a loud breath of fresh air. congrats Michal, we’re hoping to see more. lots more.

be sure to check out his page on Facebook for a large variety of very nicely tied flies but in the meantime, sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy !

ps- should you really want to go all-out with this Evil Death Ghoul stuff i couldn’t think of a better match to cast this Evil fly than the Stickman Rods Evil Black T8 9′ 8wt 😉