Black Beaver and Cock

‘A fly no angler should be without is a small black midge. Summer or winter you will always find them on the water, and so will Mr. Trout.
The beauty of midge patterns is that they don’t need to be complicated, a bit of dubbing and a hackle is all that’s needed.
Stick one on anytime you can’t see what the fish are taking, chances are it’ll work.’

black beaver & cock

and i couldn’t agree more with Dennis Shaw. these sweet little simple to tie and unpretentious things do good and do good really good.
at first it might seem like a spider but it isn’t. the cock hackle keeps this pattern in the surface film with the body/hook-bend hanging down and the whole thing’s appearance when fished looks similar to an open umbrella in the same manner as emerging midges do when trying to break through the water’s surface tension.

the bug above is on a straight shank size 20 hook but on bigger patterns i’ve found great success using light wire grub style hooks. when sitting in the film, real midges are are twisting and turning so i guess the curved hook reproduces this profile a little more realistically. with teeny-tiny hooks my thought is the hook bend itself reproduces this curved body but then, once again, that’s just a guess.

a very sweet and just as effective just-under-the-surface variant to Denis’s Black Midge would be to replace the cock hackle by just a turn and a half of hen hackle and fish this spider on a degreased dropper attached to the bend of the hook of the dry. a double treat !

click the image above for the materials list and complete sbs on UKFlyDressing and be sure to check out their homepage for hundreds of other groovy flies. enjoy !

as a reminder, Dennis Shaw is the author of the seminal A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial. if you haven’t seen this yet you’re in for a real and unique treat.

a Fly for HairDressers

Hairdresser mosquito 1

yup, Markus Hoffman‘s crawled out of his Guinness-Flavored man-cave and gone into town to bring us this unusually located tasty-yummy swedish half-in/half-out, midge-chironomid-buzzer ‘Frisörmyggan‘ treat *

since the fly itself is a little hard to see on the vid, Markus gracefully provided a few pics to wet your lacquered and well gelled appetite. enjoy !

Hairdresser mosquito x2-1

*Midge-Hairdresser’ (yeah, goofy but as long as it isn’t Surströmming and it catches fish i can live with it)
** be sure to click on either pic for a selection of Markus’ trippy tying tutorials previously posted on the Cobra