Two-For midge Saturday

two fresh-off-the-vise midge patterns from Davie McPhail for a stormy, windy yet lovely midge-filled spring day.
midge cloud

first, a very juicy F-fly midge.

side note: it is indeed a lovely fly but the only thing i can see here that vaguely resembles an F-fly is the cdc wing and that it’s mounted on a hook; something along the lines of all these ‘Pheasant Tail’ nymphs we see all over the place that are named as such because there’s pheasant tail fibers in the recipe, they’re also mounted on hooks and it’s a nymph but that’s as far as it goes if we compare them to Frank Sawyer’s original fly and in this case Marjin Fratnik’s famous F-fly… i’m not ranting, i’m just a stickler for names and word choice in general. on the other hand, i could be completely wrong and maybe Davie has simply named it F-fly in my honor…. :mrgreen:
side note two: the exact same pattern with a white wing and dark grey/black body will make a very nice Hawthorn fly/Bibio Marci  pattern and they’re about to come out to play soon.

and a Shuttlecock-style midge emerger.

of special interest here is the peacock herl body used straight off the stem. absolutely lovely and simple, just be sure to tie it in the right direction to get this great result. Davie’s explanation on the cdc wing at the end of this tutorial is a great example of fly design and it’s practical application going far beyond simplistic aesthetic consideration. an added bonus is it leaves us the possibility to customize it when on the water by simply snipping or tearing away either the tip or butt section.

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the Polish Puffs

simple and sweet, here’s a little breakfast puffs emerger !

since there’s no tying explanations you can find the materials list and backup photo step-by-step here.

and speaking of puffs…

M-Fly continued

ok, here’s my first try at tying this sweet-sweet M-Fly  bug designed by Lucian Vasies at
interesting how it turned out to be more of a midge emerger than a mayfly… but i guess that just shows the pattern’s polyvalence (or rather, underlines my incompetence), all it takes is tweaking it a bit and playing with proportions and color schemes and the same general idea will imitate several species of bugs. cool.

first is a soft-focus, desaturated image that really reveals the midge silhouette.

and a more detailed image of the same fly.

it turns out i was way off the mark in guessing the extended body’s material, it’s just plain and simple Micro-Chenille. since light olive is the only color i have right now, the rest of the fly’s color scheme went towards various olive tones.

made with:
hook- Maruto C46W barbless #16
thread- UTC 70 ‘warm olive’
extended body- Micro-Chenille light olive
thorax- from back to front: Mad Rabbit (hare mask) dubbing medium olive then dark grey ending with black seal’s fur
wing- two natural color cdc tips as the underwing, one light olive tip on top to merge with and change the tone of the underwing and increase visibility