November Caenis (or, doing three things at the same time)

multitasking is a stupid concept. i want to do several things at the same time knowing very well that neither one will be done properly as if it had been done separately but the unfocussed mind persists, considers it a challenge or whatever it is that confused minds like to find as an excuse so, i dumbly persist until i’m just about to completely delete the two product reviews i’m working on at the moment (super-good most-excellent stuff !) when this little guy stops by, raises it’s palm traffic-cop style and starts singing “STOP ! In the name of Love !…”  ummmm, doesn’t raise or say anything at all but sits there right purdy just long enough for me to grab the camera and take a quick pick before it takes off to resume its, ahhh… don’t know what to call it, pre-death fluttering-about ritual ?

’nuff said for today, i have a few things to do in a half-assed way, here’s the intruder. click the pic for more bugs and here for some completely inconsequential caenis info. enjoy !

window may m.fauvet-TLC 3-11-15