dragon fly with me.

video by Necip Perver
for whatever reasons (like we’re busy fishing or they splatter to bits on our windshields or because the darn things move around a lot and fast) it’s pretty hard to have a good look at these magnificent creatures.
they’re not only a mix of beautiful, cool, robust yet delicate insects with a fairy-like appearance hiding a fierce demonic attitude (that’s the cool part), they’re also fish food and pretty big and yummy fish food at that.
i’ve often seen lake trout jump out of the water to catch these bugs as they’re flying by and it’s been an ongoing challenge of mine to catch one doing just that: false casting a dragonfly pattern low and in front of cruising fish with an upside-down loop to get an airborne take. there’s been a lot of missed-timings and even a few missed strikes, so, it hasn’t worked yet but the quest continues !

as seen in the film, some dragonflies sport a half-clown/half Hitleresque mustache (that probably explains the demonic part and who knows, that detail might be the real ticker in getting the perfect imitation !). anyhow…  enjoy !

dragonfly (and other beasties) drawing by Wenceslas Hollar 1646