Oliver Kite and a year of fishing

here’s a blast from the past from a long-gone mini series first aired on British tv in the ’60’s.
quite a colorful character this Kite and a pleasure to listen to, these stories go through a year’s full of seasons and we’ll discover a time in the UK through images that has disappeared. it’s a bit hard to see all the dead fish but being 50 or so years old it’s fair to say that the concept of catch and release wasn’t very widespread if at all known of.
writer,  naturalist, broadcaster and fisherman, he also had a few original ideas on fly design and here’s two of them.
Hook Nymphs: ‘Pheasant Tail Nymph sans pheasant tail’ and a ‘I don’t know what’ 
PTN_sans_pheasant-tailHook: Wet fly, sizes 14-16
Thread: Red copper wire
Body: A ball of copper wire behind the hook eye to simulate a thorax.

“Invented by Oliver Kite in the early 1960s, this is surprisingly effective. In one TV programme, Kite was seen to catch grayling with this fly while wearing a paper bag over his head! The problem is that the vast majority of fly-fishers either have no faith in such a simple tying, or they want more complex flies in their boxes.”

i hope you find the time to watch the whole series below, it’s an enriching experience. enjoy !