the trout appear like “sharks” in the waves !

as you’ve noticed, i don’t put up a lot of fishing-for-the-sake-of fishing videos unless it’s about fishing techniques but this one isn’t about technique.
i really like and find this one interesting, not only because it’s made by my friends Paul and Ronan, has campfire explosions, fly rods thrown off cliffs, ‘experienced‘ far away gazing, porn-flick music and drunken ramblings of fish past… but it’s such an interesting mix because it’s extremely exciting and quite boring at the same time.  enjoy !

“upstream wetfly kicks arse over downstream wetfly any day”

Upstream Wetfly by Paul Arden

“Another thing to try doing is to watch the water where you think your flies are swimming. Since we are using light spider patterns, on a short line, in fairly fast water, the fish hopefully will have to bulge the surface on the take. With big fish you may actually have to delay your strike, but generally you should set the hook fairly quickly on these takes.

The best approach, however, is to enter a trance. Through intense meditation practices it has been proven that you can hook the impossible fish by leaving your worldly body, and becoming one with your mind. Wearing shoes with natural soles, or perhaps travelling barefoot, will help and is to be thoroughly recommended. What you are trying to attain, without trying of course, is a feeling that something is just about to happen and that you should do something about it and strike.”

sound good ? click Paul’s pic for more reading on what’s strangely enough, a somewhat obscure method of fishing outside of the UK.

 Paul in his WC Stewart outfit:
“Be stealthier than Stealth !”

Fly Casting- the Sexy Loop

in this film stills sequence Paul Arden demonstrates an exceptionally beautiful front cast, his signature “Sexy Loop”. no bangles, no frills, no fanfare, the line is under perfect tension and control which means all the other elements that make up great casting where performed equally well.
this is as near to perfection as any of us could ever wish for.

have fun with your mouse or trackpad, speeding up or slowing down the sequence. make it go backwards and it turns into the funkiest back cast you’ve ever seen !