Epic !

epic blanks contest winners

woW… yesterday  i received a note from Carl McNeil stating i was one of the winners of a Swift Epic Unidirectional S2 Fast Glass fly rod blank from a photo contest on Facebook. made in New Zealand by CTS these modern high performance fiberglass blanks seem very promising to say the least. (click the pic above for specs)

needless to say i’ve been jittering around since with visions of fly lines dancing in the air and millions of big and strong jumping fish as the result of each cast !… (well, maybe just one monster fish per cast but it’s fun to have grandiose thoughts)

since it’s not a finished rod some magic’s going to need to happen before this little 7’6″ 4wt darling comes to life and this is what i have in mind.

oh, and this was the winning pic: ‘a few mayflies
'a few mayflies - epic contest winner
i keep on saying how what a special moment it was when i made that image but now well, it’s even more special.

expect a full review of this new rod and it’s build within the coming months.
and mostly, a million thanks to Jeannie and Carl  McNeil for selecting my photo !

the Stupid Cobra contest !- first entry

by Rudy van der Meer, Holland

…Last fall I went to a lake on the other side off the country (Oostvoornse Meer, about a 300km ride for me). Just about when I was halfway there I realised I had left my wading jacket at home. A few minutes later I heard the weatherforecast on the radio; start of the day would be nice but into the afternoon the rain would come.
I called my friends, who I would meet later that day at the lake, to ask if they could bring a spare jacket for me. I got the voicemail and left a message, not sure if my friend would hear it in time. Oh well, to late to turn back now. And I didn’t think it was gonna rain all day anyway.

When I arrived at my destination, the weather was fine, just like I thought. I slipped into my waders and got ready to fish. I then found out that the waterproof pouch I usually put my cellphone and my carkeys in were probably in one the pockets of my wading jacket which….
I had left home.
Oh well.. I wasn’ t planning on wading deep anyway. So what the heck; time to do some fishing!

And fish I did.

After a few hours the sky turned grey and i felt the first drops of rain.
These first few drops soon turned into an impressive downpour and I decided this might be a good moment to retreat to my car, sit out the rain and wait for my friends. Who might or might not have gotten my message about the forgotten wading jacket.
I started making my way back on the dam I was on.
At the end of the dam I had to cross over to land to get back to my car.
I stepped of the dam on to what I thought was the bottom, which as it turned out to be, was actually a patch of weeds which desecended into the depths quite a lot  more than I had expected.

I don’t think I need to explain the result of this lack of judgement…
A few moments after my nosedive where I nearly lost an almost brandnew flyrod, I realised I had just drowned my iPhone and my carkeys. I also discovered that a Nanopuff jacket can soak up an impressive amount of water in a surprisingly little amount of time.
But frankly, the jacket was the least of my worries.
I had a phone in my hand which was constantly buzzing (probably shivering because the water was cold, according to one off my friends, thank you very much), and I had this funny feeling about my car keys.

My thoughts about the car keys turned out to be the first thing I got right that day. When I got near the car, it started opening and closing the locks all by itself accompanied by the spontaneous opening and closing of all the windows. This whole car-coming-to-live thing was a real good way to get attention from a lot of people in the parking lot. And the fun had only just begun, because I was still wearing my wet clothes and was starting to shiver just about is much as my drowned phone which had taken its last breath during my walk over to the car. No choice but to strip naked in the parking lot and get on some dry clothes. Nothing was gonna stop me from doing that. You can picture the scene: Car behaving strange with a dude in the nude behind it, but I somehow managed to get into my car and drive over to the cabin my friends and I booked for the night.

Off course there was no heater in there,

off course my friends didn’t get my message about the jacket, and

off course my clothes were still wet the next day,

but fish I did.

Oh yeah, I fished all right.

Like a man on a mission.

And after covering a whole lot of water out of nothing my line went tight and my rod bend.

A big fish had taken my shrimp and took off, heading for, well… somewhere far away from me.

After all this bad luck, I struck gold. All the hardship from the day before vanished in an instant.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Redeem the damned.

And then the line went slack……

the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra-Contest ! Finale

eleven great entries, eleven hard choices but between the big and humorous, the glutinous  and the ‘out of focus… this one goes straight to the heart and the Nervous Water dvd prize goes to Simon Graham.
after all, a first trout on the fly is a BIG moment even from the NERVOUS pike fly fishing expert that he is !
good on ya Simon we all wish you many more !

the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra-Contest !

time for a reminder ! this contest’s up till the end of the month and that’s coming up soon !

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

alright folks ! here’s your chance to show us your BIG one, yup your BIG-BIG fish !
up for grabs is the Nervous Water dvd by Beattie Outdoor Productions. five years of filming and 3 1/2 hours of non-stop fly fishing for all sorts of fishes in all sorts of waters, très cool !

– photos or video but who knows, someone might want to submit some art.
– any species, it’s not just the biggest overall weight, length or girth that counts. we want some kind of BEEF but use your imagination as to what that beef is.
it can be a HUGE minnow, some fish with huge eyes, a big ‘ole butt or a huge appetite !
-no dead, bleeding or otherwise fishing-induced hurt fish.
only happy smiling ones that put up a good fight and know they’re going back home after the quick photo shoot.
-one entry per person

send your entry to limpcobra@yahoo.com by the end of March 2012 with ‘the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra Contest’ as reference.

check out the trailer below, there’s a few bigguns’ there that might inspire you !

and just to kick things off, here’s my non-counting entry: ‘Big-Smile Grayling’ 😀

it’s baby day !

my friends over at Sexyloops.Se (Sweden/Scandinavian based forum of the Sexyloops network) have finally… gotten around to choosing the winners of 2011’s photo contest and mine came in first ! :mrgreen:
from the previously posted ‘brainwashem’ young’ series here on the Cobra-

“my friend and colleague Lasse Karlsson taking baby Robyn for a walk at the FFF’s first European Gathering earlier this year in Kolding, Denmark.
both mom and pop are FFF certified casting instructors and hold several titles in national and international fly casting competitions. Lasse is not only a FFF-Master but the first European to be on the FFF’s Board of Governors.
i often wonder if  Robyn will catch the ‘bug’ later on, but then i don’t really wonder, i know so !”

the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra Contest- sixth entry

by Andy Baird, Norther Ireland

“Still the best at an estimated 45cm… and taken on 7X & a #26 dun imitation.
Witness? Yeah man, Marc Fauvet took the picture ! “

yes, it’s true and it’ll hang over my head like a dark-stormy cloud forever. i took those pics and several more of this very special moment and managed to screw up every single one of them
there’s even a little film of the beast, i’ll share that and other blurry images of this extremely beautiful Irish brown trout soon.

the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra Contest- fourth entry

by Simon Graham

“from my recent trip up the Bushmans river at Giants Castle in the Drakensberg Mountains (South Africa). This is by far the most significant fish I have caught in the last 8 yrs as it was the first trout I’d ever caught on the fly,with a dry fly called the RAB (Red arsed bastard) not big by any stretch of the immagination but the biggest trout I’d ever caught.”

mini fish – part 1

for the second year now SexyLoops is having a photo competition for biggest, ugliest, longest, deadest (not some gastly-meaty grip and grin, something stinky, old and moldy found on the water) and smallest fish ! i won last year’s with this little perch and the prize was a Rio Trout LT 4 wt, an awesome line for dries, wets and lightish nymphs.

i digress… although small, the little Roach above was yesterday’s result of trying to catch something much smaller for this year’s contest. it wasn’t hard to get the fish’s attention or have them rise but the real challenge was finding a fly with the right sized hook and proportions for these tiny fish as they have very different mouths than the salmonids my flies where tied for. it took dozens of takes before actually hooking up…
as i had neglected to bring my Andy box, the best i had was this very simple, thread bodied, grizzly saddle hackle ‘somethingorother‘ emerger tied to a fine wired scud/gammarus hook size 18 i used to use on chubb and other whitefish in France. the scud hooks have been a relatively new find for me as far as dry fly design goes and the results have been good to very good for several species. i’ll be looking for similar hooks in 22, 24 and 26 to continue this mega-quest for something around half the size of the one above or less !

The Friggin’ Awesome Fly Photo Cobra Contest Winner !

Friggin’ Awesomely toughtoughtough choice !

i’m really touched by the great turnout and witty images received for this month’s contest and want to thank all the participants again for sending in such quality photos with equal thanks to Jeanie and Carl McNeil and Bob Wyatt without whom i wouldn’t have had such an awesome prize to give away.
best fly photo goes to Ulf Börjesson of southern Sweden for his friggin’ awesome mayfly image. however, Ulf declined the prize as he just wanted to participate in our contest,

so, Quill Gordon is the happy winner of Bob Wyatt’s Flies that Catch Fish Volume 1 Dry Flies and Emergers dvd with his funny “I am having trouble getting my flies down to the fish” photo !!! something a lot of us can relate to this winter…
(what i’ve been wondering about since i’ve seen this pic is just how hard he must have cast to crack the top layer of ice !…) :mrgreen: an unexpected treat came in the form of Martin Johansson’s photo of his lovely daughter tying flies and Carl McNeil has very kindly offered to send the two of them another dvd. as those who follow the Cobra know, the BrainWashem’ Young category and anything that encourages children to get to know and love our activity is close to my heart so,  thanks a lot Carl !

stay tuned for a new contest soon in 2012 !

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Twelfth Entry

by Jan Korrubel – South Africa

Jan had already sent entry no. 3 where after a week we still can’t see a fly.., which somehow made made me think that he at least subliminally desired seeing the first slideshow on the Cobra, so anyhow, i guess he wanted to make up and sent us this landslide ‘o friggin’ awesome flies !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“A herd (?) of Billfish (sailfish and marlin) flies that I tied for the annual WildFly Billifish Challenge out of Hemingway’s in Kenya last year.   These guys are tandem rigs on a 6/0 with a 4/0 stinger, and are about 8 inches long… ”

“Billfish addendum – single fly…. “

 “Some “Seathrew Minnow’s” that I tied for a friend that went on an Indian Ocean trip – unfortunately the weather got the upper hand, and they never got to swim… 😦 “

“Some “Spoon” flies I tied for friends going on a central African Tigerfish trip – tigers like a copper/gold and red combo… “

“Mulberry’s and Cream anyone…?   Some “Mulberry” flies I tied for a chap that was going carp fishing…apparently they worked a real treat!  🙂 “

“A batch of “Papa Roach” style dragonfly flies – “Who’s looking at YOU then…?”

i hope i got the order right… 

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Ninth Entry

from Ulf Börjesson, Sweden

“To quote the now sadly disbanded R.E.M and the enigmatic singer Michael Stipe;
Imitation of Life
I don’t think it can be done.
so this is my fly photo.
A Yellow May.
Otherwise it’d just been a shot of an F-Fly.
A fly that imitates everything and nothing.”