for the love of water

with 365 images in the for the love of water series i thought i’d set up a separate gallery page to give a better view to some of my favourites.
apart from the nice image quality and a nifty looking layout, the viewer will be able to zoom in to high-resolution pics to see textures within the image that aren’t normally seen here. i’m pretty happy with how it looks, even more so that it’s a free gallery host. this little project needs a few finishing touches before i’ll show it to you but in the meantime here’s a recent shot that’ll be part of the group.

FTLOW M.Fauvet:TLC 13-1-14

stamping salmon

if it where a contest i’d say that:
– Ireland gets top place in the ‘Weird’ category,
– Iceland gets the ‘Cheap-Ass, let’s just change the color and save on stamp artist expenses’ and
– France gets the highly-coveted ‘Most Hypocritical’ award for still allowing fishers to keep salmon although there’s only half a dozen left.

but thank goodness, this isn’t a contest and we can sit back and enjoy some small yet non-negligable artwork of these beautiful majestic fish. enjoy !

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