James Brown and Gandalf

a tasty funky streamer tying tutorial by Norbert Renaud

mix in equal parts and you’ll end up with not only one of the cutest streamers there is and if that weren’t enough,  you’ll probably start gyrating your hips while tying it. (gyrating’s good. in fact it’s the secret of all great fly tiers)

[vimeo 123338293 w=1000]

ps- be sure to tie a few extra and cut off the hook and give them to your kids and cats as toys.  enjoy !

I think I love you.

after what seems like centuries.., buddy Ulf Hagström has finally ! gotten around to making a fly tying video: one of his notorious articulated pike flies, the Wild Thing
with a start like this, well, i’ll just say i hope he keeps this up. enjoy !

Ulf’s latest blogpost kinda says it all:
to see a lot more yummy pike flies be sure to visit Ulf’s blog by clicking the image above.

Fly Tying: Design, Dancing and a Bathtub

effective streamer design takes a little more than just strapping large amounts of materials to a hook and adding some factory made weighted heads and 3D eyes. in other words, it’s not good enough for it to look good all fresh off the vise and dry.
in a larger scale testing facility than my notorious and ritualistic bidet test where all of my flies get to meet water for the first time and i get to get a better idea how they’ll behave on or in the water, this pretty groovy bathtub underwater dancing film shows us an extremely well constructed and thought out imitation. it tracks straight, material selection, weight distribution and hydrodynamics are spot on, sweet !

SheepFleece Pike Fly Tutorial- A lesson in Swedish with Niklaus Bauer

going a little bit out on the limb here with a tutorial that the vast majority won’t understand a single word of (don’t worry, me neither and that even after living two years in Sweden… ) so , even without the extremely thorough explanations (ok, i do get a word or two now and then), what we have left are exceptionally detailed visuals on tying an exceptional tie that has become Nik’s signature fly.
i’ve seen these swim and their very enticing action in the water is a result of long experience combined with a lot of talent. the video is 33 minutes long and well worth the watch for anyone interested in tying pike or other predator species tube flies. i hope you’ll enjoy.

The fly for Autumn Pike…

a step-by-step by Barry Ord Clarke

simply friggin’ awesomely Wicked ! 

for the full step-by-step click on either pic but in the meantime, just to get your mouth watering here’s a little teaser on how to fish this Wicked fly.
” Firstly, find a likely spot on the water, where there’s maybe a pike lying in wait, or resting after a hunt. Before casting, make sure that your streamer is well-soaked and all air removed. This will not only make it sink quicker but also make it more aerodynamic and so easier to cast. Then with a short, hard and direct cast, shoot your streamer into the water as hard as you can – then repeat this three or four times in the same area of water. Splash that fly and heavy leader as loud as you like, it will surely attract the immediate attention of any pike within spitting distance.

Make one last cast and this time let your streamer sink… and then retrieve as normal. If there’s a pike in the vicinity it will come to the fly, the rest, as they say, is up to you… “

” the mexican rectum “

a delicious north-of-the-border pike treat sure to please our south-of-the-border friends… from dear friend Ulf Hagström father of two lovely boys and the notorious Think differently – The fish eating fish fly.
besides the sexy name we’ll notice an interesting feature in the materials list below- ‘Hollow support: Orange craft fur treated with Bug bond’ a very interesting viable and much more resistant alternative to  standard deer hair.
the man’s always two steps ahead of the crowd.

Hook: Partridge Ultimate predator X #8/0

Thread: Veevus 6/0 white

Hollow support: Orange craft fur treated with Bug bond

Tail and body: Sybai twist hair, fluo orange, peach and red

Sides: Hackle feathers grizzly dun

Eyes: Living eyes “Ice”

best served with a good glob of guacamole and a splash of lime, enjoy !

the Lead-Head Stealth Roach

(or the Hobb-Wobbling Drunken Roach) by  Paul Clydesdale

exciting ! a fly that’s not only very realistic in appearance and in the way it swims when retrieved but also one that does all this while imitating a wounded and drunken baitfish ! we all know what lazy bastards pike can be and here’s a surefire way to get them Up and Atom !
good going Paul. this one goes into the ‘Cunning Fly Design (and Drunk BaitFish Imitation) Hall of Fame’

Popovic’s FlexFleye

here’s a sweet little number sure to be good for any predator fish in the salt or or freshwater.
the use of fleece to bulk up the body without having to add a lot of body/wing material is pretty ingenious. it allows the fly to swim well, stay soft, keep a certain amount of transparency and save on expensive materials. this UV cured resin seems to be very interesting as it remains very flexible while holding all the materials well. good one Bob !

tying the Pikebuster

here’s a mean looking, super-duper  ‘Pikebuster’ tube fly for pike and other predator fish by Morten Bundgaard of ProFlytyer in Denmark. Morten’s coming up with some really cool and innovative ideas and products, definitely a company to keep an eye on in the future. a really special treat is the 80’s porn-flick style soundtrack. enjoy !

Fly Tying- Think differently, The fish eating fish fly

by Ulf Hagström

this kind of “Think differently” is just awesome, a sign of a truly innovative fly designer and tier not only interested in creating flies that attract fish but flies that attract fish in a different manner.

“One of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a long time was an article in a Swedish magazine “Allt om flugfiske” by biologist Peter Johanesson who talked about the result of a study on the phenomenon of kleptoparasites among pikes. Basically what it points to is that a larger pike would most of the times rather attack and steal the already caught prey from a smaller pike than eat the smaller pike itself!”

click here for the full article and adjoining step by step of the fly.

thanks for the inspiration, Ulf !

related articles

Double-Tail Piker

originally tied for pike in Sweden where this fly has been a great success, a Bahamian guide friend asked me some months ago to send him some of these to use on tarpon in his local waters. the reports sound good, twenty-one so far on the same fly with the biggest weighing in at eighty-eight pounds. “Looks like it’s been chewed a bit but still wiggles like hell !”   nice to hear !

edit: the story above is a complete fantasy. outside of flopping it out next to the shore to see how it swims, i haven’t actually fished it yet, but… ! it looks great once wet and wiggles like a ”Vegas-Ho” and that my friends is always a good sign of good times ahead !

re-edit: the original fly has landed eight pike since this article was posted and many more imaginary tarpon, including an eighty-eight pounder…