Danish Fly Festival 2013

highly recommended and coming up on the 23rd and 24th of March 2013 in Kolding, organized biannually by Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark is the Danish Fly Festival.
if it’s anything like the 2011 edition this one’s bound to be a blast !  fly tiers and casters galore, stands and you name it, this fair’s special because it’s Danish with all that may or may not mean.

the poster art might seem familiar because it was designed by Jason Borger, the famous non-Danish fly fisher/caster. cool !

anyway, more than just a place with a fly fair, Kolding is also an interesting town with many activities to attract and entertain the visitor.
from indoor (in-pub) fly casting demonstrations,
pub casting

to school art galleries, 'make love, fuck war' Kolding 2011

to a wide variety of excellent Danish foods.
danish camel balls

for more info click either pic. hope to see you there !