the ‘Thumbs-Up’ Baetis Poser Fly

by groovy MadMan buddy, Markus Hoffman.

there’s a bunch of excellent tiers out there but once again, Markus serves us what is certainly the most enjoyable and delicious mix of tying, atmosphere, good-natured fun, non-obnoxious music and well, an excellent looking fly…

for more of Markus’ tying videos previously posted here be sure to click the link above. enjoy !

Fly Tying with a gun.

a great sticky tip from Barry Ord Clarke

although not an exclusive element to this material and not all flies require it to be effective, transparency can give very realistic impressions of air bubbles, reflections from the underwater environment, the natural transparency of some bugs or baitfish or in other words, of life.
hot melt glue is inexpensive, great fun to use because it’s sticky, hot and smells sexy and it brings creativity to the tying process closer to one of sculpture, of modeling a fly.

what’s not to like with results like these ? 

click either pic for Barry’s hot and sticky tutorial. enjoy !

one for the hard-core realists

” Turbonate eyes of male mayfly “

by Laurie Knight via Nikon Microscopy

go on chaps, do your best…

click the pic for more not-necessarilly fly fishing related yet groovy close-up images.


chum, chum. who wants some chum ?

– tier and photo author unknown-

definitely something to offend the the trout fly traditionalist… but these little* beauties are a tad more realistic and a bunch more enticing than just about any fly out there.
a fine way to “match the hatch”, no ?
it’s pretty certain they’d work on a lot of other species both in the salt and in freshwater. for the latter, imitations of the smaller fish that often get flushed through hydro-electric turbines would do the trick on big predators out for an easy meal…
the creative tier might include other fish parts such as the midsections and tails.

* maybe not so little as they’re destined for billfish. a conservative guess puts those hooks at a size 6/0 or bigger.

Overtime Mayfly Emerger Overworked

by Markus Hoffman

Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow !

this time we’re treated to the ‘Overworked Shaved Edition’ and what a treat it is  !
(yes, something special happens somewhere around the middle of the video, you’ll just have to wait and see)

i could go on and on but this little film tells it’s story on it’s own so i’ll just shut up. enjoy !