Bob the Blob

another version of the ‘realistical blob’, this time renamed after a suggestion from my friend P-A. (who somehow thought ‘Bob the Blob’ was hilarious… )
BtB V1 caught my first fish this year so i kinda like it and will continue experimenting with this idea. yes, it’s not your conventional fly but seeing it swim is believing

‘realistical blob

not really much to do with the 1958 film or Steve McQueen, modern Blobs are flies thought up for the UK stillwater competition scene. pulled fast through the water they’re exceptionally effective for getting takes from stocked rainbow trout. so effective, there’s great debate whether they should be banned or not but not being in the least interested in competition fishing i’ll leave those kind of debates to others.
of course, these flies vary greatly in different combinations of materials and colour schemes but the basic original form below is the basis of this unconventional fly.

Iain Barr’s Orange Blob

liking the concept but not so much the abstract all-out competition aspect, i’ve combined the same basic elements of marabou and long fibered chenille to give it a more streamer-like appearance with it’s longer ‘body/tail’, eyes and wiggly swimming action. the stocky head creates turbulences making the tail wiggle enticingly while the straggly fibers send flashes of prismatic reflected light as a ‘come to dinner’ call !

funny how they’d already figured out back then that this would make an awesome fly…