Fly Casting- Joan and her Sponge

by Joan Wulff produced by Jeffrey Pill | Miracle Productions via MidCurrent

here’s one of the better tips a fly fisher/caster can have.
the ‘death grip’, a constant tightening of the hand throughout the casting cycle not only leads to pains which can vary from discomfort all the way  up to tendonitis but is one of the best ways to be a sucky and inefficient caster.

leaving the pain aspect away, what happens if we grip the rod handle too tightly throughout the stroke is:
– as discussed in the  Poetry, Grace, Fluidity and the State of Relaxed Butt article, tightened muscle and tendon groups don’t move freely directly resulting in harsh, imprecise movements, the total opposite of what we want.
– if we don’t relax the hand at the end of the stroke (the ‘stop’) we’ll accentuate counter-flex both in amplitude and duration. (counter-flex is the boing-boinging of the rod) counter-flex is normal and inevitable but we want to reduce it to a minimum because it creates waves in the rod leg of the loop and waves are slack and slack is no good for the simple reason that slack means less than optimal control of the line.
Lasse Karlsson’s video below illustrates the damping effect caused by loosening the grip perfectly.

relaxing the grip is one of those complex coordination movements a caster must acquire to be a consistent, accurate and successful fisher and like anything that has to do with fly casting, should be practiced well. Joan’s video explains and shows a great way to practice this, enjoy !

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Joan Wulff Hand Tension - MidCurrent 23-1-13
thanks again to MidCurrent for sharing these gems !